Dimston Dimsum Corner

Located near CIE, Mabolo Panagdait

Located near CIE, Mabolo Panagdait

Whenever there are days that I don’t feel so well, this can be easily remedied by a quick dimsum fix. In Cebu everyone knows that Dimsum fix to be Dimsum break: Cebu’s fastfood dimsum place. But honestly it isn’t exactly cheap and it’s not something I think I can afford to have all the time. Fortunately a new place just popped by near where I work: DIMSTON Food Corner.

It’s actually a name play from the owner’s name: Disston + Dimsum. There you have Dimston.

Dimsum at a Budget

This all costs me a mere 105php!

This all costs me a mere 105php!

There are actually several options around Cebu for your budget dimsum fix. I’ve probably seen hundreds of siomai kiosks or food stalls whether at the streets or in the malls, ready to serve a dimsum-loving mass of Cebuanos. However what sets this one apart is that first, it’s not a food stall, it’s really a food corner with its own dedicated area for eating. Second, ALL the dimsum treats here are for 35php each ONLY. No kidding, their steamed rice, siomai, japanes siomai, friend siomai, or even their empress rolls: 35php.

Empress Rolls
Still a personal favorite: Empress rolls! only 35php here!

Be warned though, don’t go comparing the quality of the dimsum to be that of Dimsum break or other popular dimsum providers out there. It’s not exactly the most delicious dimsum but it still was good enough to enjoy considering the price point. Also interesting to note, your food isn’t served in just some ordinary plate or bowl,you have your classic steamed rice bowl, and individual steamers for your dimsum. Kinda feels like the real deal.

Open type of food corner, and literally a corner

Open type of food corner, and literally a corner

If you ask me if I would go back there anytime soon? I believe I would. Although it’s kind of out of the way if you have to go through the heavy traffic flow at hernan cortes or Mabolo, but if you’re usually on the way you ought to give this a try! They are located just beside CIE, and beside 7 eleven near Rainforest park.

A quick snack or a meal for those on a tight budget! The place is also a nice one for chilling around or hanging out with friends after a good fill of dimsum.

They’re open from 10am to 10pm everyday!

Dimston Food Corner, Apparently the second best thing in fastfood dimsum

Dimston Food Corner, Apparently the second best thing in fastfood dimsum

Dimston Facebook

Bo's Coffee Travel Journal

Bo’s Coffee Awesome Travel Journal

Bo's Coffee Travel Journal

Bo’s Coffee Travel Journal

For those of you who frequent coffee shops and cafés you will know that this is the time of the year where you start rushing to collect all your stickers and stamps so you can get your favorite coffee shop planner or journal. Some of you are not even going to use it. For most of the people, this is just another collectible to store along with the other objects of collections. I, particularly, started joining on this huge craze when I finally had my Starbucks card.


Not another planner

Bo's Coffee Travel journal

Bo’s Coffee Travel Journal

For those of you looking for a planner I suggest you go on for your search for a planner because what I’m going to be writing about is NOT A PLANNER.  Let me point this out plain and simple: THIS IS A TRAVEL  JOURNAL for 2015. This means this is a journal that is designed to meet the needs of someone who is constantly travelling and is looking for a physical medium to chronicle one’s epic adventure.

So now that we’ve cleared that out let’s continue.

Bo's Coffee Travel Journal

Anthill Native Weaving for the Journal Spine


You don’t need to collect Stamps or stickers

As opposed to the coffee-café-planner craze, this Bo’s Origins: Travel Journal does not in fact need any  stamps and stickers to get it. We’re going all classical way of acquiring a brand-new journey here.. No we’re not doing barter-trade system (although Bo’s Coffee you might like to consider that for, you know, for the fun of the good old times).

All you need is a thousand pesos (Php 1,000). That’s right. With 1000.00php you can get your own Travel Journal. No need for drowning yourself in coffee or milk tea or any product. Just pull out some cash and then you’ll have this proudly  Pinoy journal!

Is it worth it?

For the practical shopper it might be a bit too pricey for just another journal. BUT WAIT! There’s more! (there always is, isnt there?) This isn’t JUST a journal.

Bo's Coffee Travel Journal

Removable Leather cover! Awesome leather cover as well 😀

Top 10 reasons why you should get the Bo’s Coffee Travel Journal


      1. Leather Cover – okay I know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but HECK, the beautiful Anthill fabrics featuring Filipino designs, covering the spine, and the leather finish with just perfect stiches. This book, you can judge by its cover!
      2. Blank Pages – blank pages, blank pages everywhere! As a creative I can’t stand lines. I don’t mind lines for my lecture notes but for my ideas? Memories? Thoughts? NO ONE should tell me where and how to write. This is perfect for the writer who wants to be free of linear dictations.
      3. Cool illustrations – kinda small of a reason but I’m fascinated at how these illustrations were nicely done and I found it cool that these were elements that connected with me: a camera, a bird.. And many more! It did not hog the entire journal. They were occasionally placed here and there.

        Bo's Coffee Travel Journal

        Awesome sketches and illustrations!

      4. Personalization forms – because this IS a travel journal, expect something like a “Passport” page where you fill up your details and also a  bag tag in the first page to add your personal information. Small detail but I found this really cool and it felt like it mattered a lot to me.
      5. Traveler’s Checklist – at the near-end part of this travel journal is a travel checklist guide. I personally have one for myself but I have it on my Google Drive. I think this physical copy compiled by professional travel bloggers would make a very helpful one.
      6. Because Brown – Color matters to me. For some reason I’ve been having this unexplainable pull towards brown. Anyway, this color can be either formal or casual. So bringing this travel journal won’t feel off with anyone who is in a formal get-up or a casual on-the-go attire. Heck, carrying this journal would be an awesome fashion accessory of a sort
      7. Social Enterprise Coupons – So we have some social enterprises around the country, proudly local, who decided those who carried these journals deserved a discount. Support these businesses who wish to earn money while helping people in the process! I’m particularly looking at them Bambike Tours (bamboo bike) in Intramuros! Some really good deals here people!
      8. Once Upon a Coffee – Know where your proudly Filipino Coffee comes from. You have some of the finest travellers in the Philippines sharing an article or two in the journal. Reading through them will pique the interest of coffee-lovers and travel-junkies. Who knows they (the coffee origins) could be your next travel destination.
      9. Travel Blogger Spirit – given that photos and articles were shared in this journal, you can expect that some of the finest talents in the Travel community in the Philippines have imbibed a material manifestation of their talents in your copy of the journal. Hopefully this small reminder of their spirit of travel can inspire you to travel more as well
      10. The #YourHomeGrownBrew Challenge

        #yourhomegrownbrew challenge

        #Yourhomegrownbrew Challenge!

        – Okay okay let me just rave about this one in particular. THIS IS AWESOME! There’s a travel challenge in the journal that will allow you to win either 365 days of Coffee (Bo’s All access pass) for completing all 12 of them, or 1500php GC for completing at least 6 of them. I just checked all 12 places and at least 10 of them I visit almost every year! I got really pumped up and excited for this challenge! It’s like an amazing race for coffee lovers 😀 Now THERE’S a challenge I want to complete.


So I think I can either rave on about how wonderful this travel journal is, but for now I’m gonna leave you with this thought:


To Know yourself, know the world!

Travel not to run away, but to run towards.

Run towards life, possibilities, truth, adventure, opportunity, and most importantly towards love.



Butterbean ice cream

Butterbean: Cebu’s Make Your Own Ice Cream

Make your own ice cream

Cebu’s First Make-your-own Ice Cream!

While driving home I saw a brightly lit place with immaculate white interiors and sharp red highlights and accents. It drew my curiosity as it this particular place stood out in the long stretch of Escario on the way to Ayala. I was quick to dismiss it as any other desserts cafe as it suggested in its name: “Butterbean: desserts and Cafe”.

This cafe was quick to be on my “hmmm another one of those” list but when I have been hearing it on the radio over and over again, you can’t help but say “Fine, I’m gonna try this.” But really the biggest selling point was Continue reading

Lito’s Way: A Bulker’s Burger


Lito’s Way Burger

It’s not just a burger. I know this because I’m not really a burger expert and yet I knew this one was different.

We were invited to try Lito’s Way Burger at Irie Gastropubliko and I have to say I was initially skeptical since my heart was already set with the Angus burgers and other gourmet burgers that I have tried. Being the curious type I did go anyway to see exactly what Lito’s way burger was Continue reading

Big Flat Bread in Cebu: Huge Pizza

Big Flat Bread Pizza

That’s one huge pizza. I can curl up on it and sleep on it. It’s literally a Big Flat Bread

I first heard of this place form a friend and it was originally opened in Palawan before it even opened up in Cebu. I guess one thing fascinating about this place to begin with was the fact the name. I mean, it wasn’t your usual pizza place with the “Insert Name/brand” Pizza. Big Flat Bread, that’s what it was. It was a cute way to deal with things and yes, it literally was a BIG-FLAT-BREAD. The place is not too big, a small cozy pizzeria with just enough space to fit about 20 people (if you include the outside tables too). I’ve eaten here at least 3 times before I wrote this piece and I’m comfortable to say the price is Continue reading

East West Cafe IT PARK

East West Cafe Mango Sushi Roll

The Famous Mango Sushi Crepe 😀

Cebu has many awesome dessert places that’s why I find many people asking for suggestions for where to hangout and taste great creations. For many years a humble and homy dessert cafe has been around even before IT Park came to be. This home to creativity is East West Cafe.

First of all I would like to point out that my family has been to this Cafe since I was in grade school and mind you that’s Continue reading

AICA (Academy for International Culinary Arts) Take 2


Class picture in AICA Cebu, batch 2011 😀

About two years ago I had the chance to feel like a chef in one of the awesome Culinary schools in Cebu: AICA. Last year (so yeah this is a very very late post), I had the chance to experience it again. Dressed in the green apron of the school, we cooked some pretty cool dishes.

AICA or Academy for International Culinary Arts, is a culinary school located in The Gallery somewhere in Mabolo. They have a gourmet restaurant just below the school called “The Corner Table” where the best skills of the budding chefs are put to the test. Johann has always been so Continue reading

Bo’s Coffee in Raintree Mall

Bo's Coffee Design

Back when I was still in school, I spent an awful lot of time in coffee shops. I’d go from one coffee shop to another trying to observe their varieties of treats and at the same time, their interior design. Though I’m not much of an interior designer myself (heck I can’t interior design for beans), I guess it’s in my blood to appreciate these designs because my mother does a lot of interior
Continue reading

Bonchon Chicken now in Ayala Cebu

Bonchon Chicken in Cebu

Bonchon Fried Chicken finally in Cebu

For those who didn’t know, Bonchon Chicken is now in Cebu! It opened up in the slot where Don Henricos used to be (may you rest in peace don hen 🙁 I loved your pizzas.. before) in Ayala Terraces.

Big thank you to Steven Yu and Pinky Yu for bringing this much talked about brand to Cebu. I am quite the chicken-loving person myself and it was a delight to see this new brand surfacing here in Cebu. Sadly that I was only able to take a quick bite on one chicken and wasn’t able to try out their other dishes. (I had a meeting to rush to after) Continue reading

Siam Thai Cuisine: Authentic Thai Restaurant in Cebu

Krua Thai Chili Crab

Krua Thai Chili Crab

Sugar, spice and everything nice. These were the ingredients to come up with the perfect dishes which a few of us very fortunate nomnom scribes or food bloggers got to experience in one of my favorite restaurants in Cebu: Siam Thai Cuisine in Ayala Terraces.

I’ve had my fair share of experiences in this fine restaurant and I have to say that I’ve never been disappointed with any of my eat outs in this place. This is by far the best Thai restaurant in Cebu. I can’t even stop ordering over and over again the Siam Grilled fish in Thai gravy sauce and the Steamed Seafood Curry in Continue reading

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