Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2011 in Photos

My First day in the DFAT. Davao bloggers are awesome!

This was not my first time to land in the beautiful city of Davao. Just a week before this trip I was already able to have a surprise flight to Davao for a Davao Adventure Package by Airphil Express.

This time however I came here for one very important reason: TO EAT.

Avatar Media organized this annual Davao Food Appreciation Tour and this year I got lucky and was allowed to join this most awesome food tour.

From Cebu to Davao

I just got out of my last class of my college life and I was finally heading off to largest City in the world: Davao. If one will ask me about Davao I’ll usually answer nature-related topics to him but boy was I ready to be showered with information on all the good stuff in Davao.

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Wings and Dips

Wings and Dips

Wings and Dips in davao

This has got to be one of the more classier cafeterias that I’ve been to in the Philippines. Wings and Dips offers a unique variety of a dominantly themed dish composed of: Wings and dips. You choose your wings and also your dips. But then again this cafeteria is more than just your usual chicken wings served with the usual dips, they also offer a lot of other good stuff like nachos, fish and chips, and even pasta. Continue reading

Cafe Demitasse

Cafe Demitasse

Cafe Demitasse in Davao

In a little street in Davao, we finally concluded our food trip with some coffee, shakes, and a huge buffet of sweets. Cafe Demitasse is one really cute and comfy cafe where one can experience a feel of France in the country. They have these really cozy couches and dare I say free wifi! (Go ahead you internet leeches!) What I do love about the place is that it has a lot of space, like seriously, a lot! I regret not having taken pictures of the environment but apart from my body being tired, my camera decided to give up on me after a couple of shots. Continue reading

Pixie’s Grill in Davao

Pixies Grill

Pixie’s Grill in Davao

One of the interesting places we got to eat in is actually a franchise. Pixie’s grill is not just any franchise, it’s a franchise that specializes in the Valencia family’s top produce: the Boneless Bangus.

Having been a heavy Bangus (Chanos chanos) consumer when I was a kid i was quite excited to eat their Boneless bangus. This happens to be their specialty. I love eating fish but it’s a great nuisance to Continue reading

Tibolo Village: Breakfast with the Bagobo Tribe

Davao Mountain

Panoramic shot of the mountain

Early in the morning the group had to leave for an exciting trip to the mountains. Having lived for almost half of my life on the mountains, I was excited to see a different mountain aside from the ones I usually see at home. What was even more interesting was that we got to have a taste of the local culture… literally. You see, we actually got to have a local’s breakfast prepared by the wonderful Bagobo Tribe members of the Tibolo Village. Continue reading

Don Beppe Italian Restaurant

Don Beppe

The Giant pizza next to my Giant tummy

In one of my top three favorite cuisines, Italian happens to be one of them so I was rather excited to eat in Don Beppe’s. This small restaurant boasts of having authentic Italian cuisine and none of those fast food mumbo jumbo. Here you get the real deal with oven baked pizzas, delicious thin crusts, real risottos and many more!

The moment we got inside the restaurant Continue reading

Tiny Kitchen in Davao

Tiny Kitchen

Tiny Kitchen entrance

One of my food trips in Davao involved Tiny kitchen. Tiny kitchen has, well, a kitchen that’s rather tiny. (please bear with me people, I’m doing my best to describe it). I once met an Italian who told me that in Italy, the places where you can find good food were in small restaurants that were hidden and the only marketing these restaurants needed was the word of mouth. So far this seems to be consistent with all the wonderful restaurants I tried in Davao and Tiny Kitchen is no Continue reading

Crepelato: Crepe and Gelato


I love sweet stuff. I love chocolates, candies, creams, and most especially Ice cream. They say that Ice cream is delicious, but for me, my heart (and stomach) belongs to the line of Italian Ice Cream: GELATO.

One of the stops we had for the Davao Food Appreciation tour 2011 was the popular Crepelato located in NCCC mall in Davao. From the name itself one would derive the popular product: Crepe+Gelato. Continue reading

Lachi’s: Davao’s Hidden Culinary Jewel

Lachi's Davao

Lachi’s: one of my favorite stops in the Food Appreciation Tour 2011

One of my favorite and most unforgettable stops in the Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2011 was the Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp. My title for Lachi’s is befitting to it’s delicious array of food selections. It truly is a hidden jewel in Davao.

I’ve been hearing about this restaurant from my best friend Batang Yagit who often tells me about the delicious pork ribs which he says has no competition in any restaurant he has ever tried. He also kept telling me about the prices are just too good to be true. The thing is, the prices shown were real and the quality of the food was not compromised AT ALL. Continue reading

Dinner at the Ranch then Coffee at Cafe Firenzo

Group picture after all the mind games and dinner

First of all I have to say BIG BIG Thank you to San Miguel Brewery for this wonderful fellowship dinner with the other bloggers who participated in the Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2011. It was indeed a wonderful and worthwhile way to officially start my first night in the DFAT 2011.

Feast all you can

My first dinner for the DFAT 2011 was in The Ranch where we had a very delicious buffet. When it comes to sushi I normally avoid Tuna because Continue reading

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