Ranchero Ribs


If I could associate one word with Ranchero it’s definitely Ribs. The Ribs in this restaurant is absolutely delicious! You can’t go wrong with Ranchero ribs with its soft texture and it’s well balanced taste. I don’t like ribs that don’t taste like ribs at all. The ribs in Ranchero is wonderful, I didn’t even mind eating it without the sauce. Just eating it alone was already good enough for me. Continue reading

Blueberry Frozen Yogurt in Lahug

blueberry yogurt

Blueberry Froyo

There was a time I went froyo crazy. Froyo (frozen yogurt) stalls started popping all around Cebu like mushrooms! After having tried and tasted almost all froyos in Cebu I concluded that White Hat had to be my favorite in over-all because of their unique combination and Creamee d-Lite for price wise as it was the cheapest.

Those were my thoughts back then that was until Sir Bryan invited me to check out Blueberry Frozen Yogurt which is located in front of USPF in Lahug. At first I was hesitant considering that Froyos are indeed expensive and I was rather broke that time. But it so happened that one hot afternoon after a delightful lunch with my cousin Julz, I decided to drop by the froyo stall. Continue reading

Tsim Sha Tsui in Ayala Terraces

Tsim sha tsui Ayala

Tsim Sha Tsui in Ayala Terraces

Anyone who knows me would also know my undying love for Dimsum. Dad and mom will never forget that my favorite cuisine will ALWAYS be Dimsum. Whether it is fastfood dimsum, expensive dimsum, or just plain home made dimsum. I LOVE DIMSUM!

Finding a good Dimsum restaurant in Cebu is not an easy task. If you’re up for some fast food Chinese then that’s rather easy. However, if you are looking for authentic Chinese cuisine and especially some quality Dimsum then that’s gonna be a challenge. Continue reading

Cyma Greek Restaurant in Ayala Terraces

Cyma Greek Restaurant

Cyma Greek Restaurant

It was around December (near shobe’s birthday) when the family decided to go for lunch in Cyma at Ayala Terraces (and we later had our new year Dinner there too)

Cyma is the only Greek restaurant in Cebu that I’ve tried. I also do not know if there are other Greek restaurants. The restaurant is quite small but that doesn’t mean a big family like ours won’t eat there. The place has a nice feel to it. It’s so… white. I also find the waiters’ uniform interesting: white long sleeve Continue reading

La Buona Forchetta da Paolo

Achi getting ready for some serious nomnom

Back when I was young (well I’m still young you know *wink*) okay, back when I was youngER, the family used to go to this small authentic Italian restaurant in Jones. Back then it was the only Authentic Italian restaurant in Cebu that we knew of.

Fast forward to today and now we once again visited this Italian restaurant called La Buona Forchetta. (Google translate says it means “good fork”)

This now much bigger restaurant is rather hidden and can Continue reading

Chocolate Mango Mousse by Red Ribbon

Chocolate Mango Mousse

Red Ribbon Chocolate Mango Mousse

One day I was just about to go home from school when suddenly I received a bright right red box tied with a bright RED RIBBON. Dear Red Ribbon Bakeshop. You know how to make me happy. 😛

Just in time for the holidays, Red Ribbon releases their Premium cake: the Red Ribbon Chocolate Mango Mousse. Continue reading

Red Ribbon: A New Experience

Red Ribbon Cebu

Group Peechur

A few bloggers in Cebu had the chance to try out something new in Red ribbon. For a long time I’ve been a big fan of Red ribbon myself and it’s because despite the classic goodness that I’ve loved for a long time they can still come up with some wonderful new creations for us to try. Continue reading

ICCON 2010: International Culinary Congress 2010

I mentioned awhile back that there was some awesome event happening in Waterfront. I had the rare opportunity to be present in the first day of the International Culinary Congress 2010 and an even rarer opportunity to be able to have a healthy discussion (together with the other media people) with the president of the Food and Beverage Managers’ Association of Singapore: Cheong Hai Po

Mr. Cheong was very kind and accommodating when it came to answering the questions of the media. There was so much to learn about Culinary arts and businesses but I’m just going to share some of the highlights of his sharing. Continue reading

Red Mango in Ayala Cebu

Red Mango

Red Mango Logo

One of the few things I did on my birthday was check out Red Mango in Ayala. After having tried many different Froyos in Cebu I thought the growing number of froyo shops have stopped.

Boy was I wrong when I heard Red Mango in Cebu was finally going to open. Red Mango happened to be one of the popular brands of Froyo in Manila such as White Hat, Golden spoon to name a few.

Continue reading

Yummy Yo! Frozen Yogurt in Cebu

Yummy Yo! Frozen Yogurt

Yummy Yo! Frozen Yogurt in Cebu

What’s new in Cebu? This froyo store is. I’ve spotted at least more than 20 frozen yogurt stalls and shops around Cebu! I’ve tried most of them and you may wonder, what makes this one different?

One weekday afternoon after coming in from a meeting in USC-TC, I was finally able to pay this newest froyo stop a visit. Yummy Yo frozen yogurt recently opened (somewhere last Tuesday) just between Grand Convention and that poker place. I was curious about this place because Ahia James posted a pic of it and JJ Tan also tagged me in it. Continue reading

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