Ayala Terraces: Seattle’s Best Pesto

Seattle’s Best Pesto

One boring Saturday afternoon I just wanted to get away, go far away from the common confines of Ramos street and Jones avenue.

I wanted to be somewhere I am not usually at. I wanted to go to a totally new place and so after constant talking to myself, me and myself concluded that I go somewhere far away from Ramos but near enough not to get scolded by mom. (yes, I have chains tied around me and will sound an alarm when already 5 kilometers away from Ramos street…. and yes I am kidding)

So off I went to Ayala Terraces and specifically in a dark corner with an electrical outlet: Ayala terraces Seattle’s Best.

I wanted to go somewhere where I won’t spend 500php (as a result of my recent visit in UCC cafe) while having free internet and an electrical outlet. So I ordered a Pesto. It had no meat so I was fine with it. The problem is I wasn’t really satisfied with the Pesto. I felt like it lacked something but then again it may just be variable from one person to another.

So how’s Seattle’s best? Well when it comes to internet it’s not really the best because it only allows 2 hours of free internet. I went beyond my 2 hours and I got disconnected. I was placed in a situation where I had to choose between spending another 100+php for a drink to get an extension OR use my Globe Tattoo and spend 10 php for the last 30 minutes of finalizing my work. Well being the “tihik na intsik” (stingy chinese) that I am you can already guess what I did.

I’ll be honest that the place has a good aura for bloggers. I love the ambiance. My blogging productivity increased by 90% as compared to my usual places! Maybe next time I’ll try their drinks.

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