Big Flat Bread in Cebu: Huge Pizza

Big Flat Bread Pizza

That’s one huge pizza. I can curl up on it and sleep on it. It’s literally a Big Flat Bread

I first heard of this place form a friend and it was originally opened in Palawan before it even opened up in Cebu. I guess one thing fascinating about this place to begin with was the fact the name. I mean, it wasn’t your usual pizza place with the “Insert Name/brand” Pizza. Big Flat Bread, that’s what it was. It was a cute way to deal with things and yes, it literally was a BIG-FLAT-BREAD. The place is not too big, a small cozy pizzeria with just enough space to fit about 20 people (if you include the outside tables too). I’ve eaten here at least 3 times before I wrote this piece and I’m comfortable to say the price is not bad and the quality isn’t bad either. The only concern I have with this is serving time. For those who love pizza and Italian cuisine, a small gentle reminder need be made: Italian food is NOT fastfood. If you’re pressed with time or you don’t have the patience for waiting for a preshly cooked pizza or pasta then at least make your orders ahead. They do take-out and delivery which is fun cuz they serve pizzas as big as 30 inches in diameter so yeah, just imagine the delivery guy bringing this huge pizza around. Poor guy πŸ˜›

The Pizza

Big Flat Bread logo

With Foodiecraft, Gastroboy, and Lance, the Man behind bfb

I don’t like to judge a place and its pizza just by trying it once. I think pizza is something delicate that needs to be “just right” when it comes to crust, sauce, balance of toppings, and consistency in cooking. Though it’s really something to have a pizza that is brick-oven baked, I guess with the space they have, they will have to settle for the industrial oven that Yellow Cab, Pizza Hut, and SnR uses. But that’s exactly a deterrent for me. I can’t say their pizza is superb, I’d like to give that description for the likes of La Buonna Forchetta and La Bella Napoli, but it’s still quite good and definitely something I enjoyed. Dad, who’s very critical with food and almost always has something to say about most food, said that the crust was good.

Variety and Exotics

Big Flat Bread

Mojos! πŸ˜€ Can’t get enough of Mojos, no matter where they are as long as they’re good and not soggy

If you’ve tried their pizza you’d know they also serve Crocodile meat pizza though they’re not the first one to try this. I first tried Crocodile meat in Davao when I ate in the Riverwalk Davao resto. It’s nothing really different from what most meat we eat. In fact, it tastes like pork. Don’t expect anything different about it. The only thing you get fromm this is bragging rights over having consumed crocodile meat.

Big Flat Bread

Lasagna Lovers can get their fix here too

Apart from just pizza they also have a wide variety of pastas and other things to enjoy from. I got to try their chicken and their mojos. Their mojos were okay and so was their chicken. I’ll be frank and say that it definitely tastes like Shakeys. Originality? I think they have to try something different with their Mojos and chicken, but will still definitely order it anyway, I’m crazy about potatoes and the sauces that go with it. I just wish they’d serve more sauce with the mojos (that goes the same for you Shakeys!)

Big Flat Bread

I dunno if it’s a Chinese thing but hey look! Chicken wings πŸ˜€

Serving Size and Price

Big Flat Bread

It’s huge I tell you! Great for group sharing

Though they got pizzas that are big enough for one person and pasta serving for solo diners, Big Flat Bread is still what I’d call a barkada or family place. A great place to just unwind with friends and share a HUGE serving of pizza or a nice platter of pasta. Like most pizza places they have this barakada or group packages ready to choose from so you get to have just the right amount of food and drinks ready in just one order.

Big Flat Bread Menu

Big Flat Bread Menu

Price is not bad ranging from 900-1000+ for their biggest pizza. Pasta goes from 150-200+ for single to platter size. Knowing the Cebu market I think Big Flat Bread is good and can compete with the existing Big Pizza competitors like Caldas and Mama Maria’s (which also serves crocodile pizza, I wonder how they’re doing?) I guess the only weakness is that you’d have to go all the way to Mabolo just to get one pizza. That’s where delivery becomes handy but I haven’t tried their delivery service just yet. I ought to try it one of these days and see if they deliver all the way to Mounatin View :p (I am evil)

Will I go back?

Big Flat Bread

Nice Nachos to go please πŸ™‚

Yep, definitely will. I’ve tried it, friends have tried it with me in my second time, third time around was with family and I’ve got no complaints. No regrets either with their food. (okay so maybe there was a slight criticism about the lack of salt and garlic in their Pesto Pasta but that was it) Would I recommend the place? If you’re a group of friends looking for good pizza in a nice night out, I’d say yeah, I’d recommend Big Flat Bread.

Big Flat Bread

Big Flat Bread Logo

Babe for Food

Thanks Babe for Food for inviting me to Big Flat Bread for some pizza nomnnom πŸ˜€

Big Flat Bread

Foodiecraft, Gastroboy, and Pinoy Great Deals πŸ˜€


Check out their details below:

Contact Number:Β 2663403, 09174018004/ 09177247696/09326224404
Address:Β The Ridges, Panagda-it, Mabolo, 6000 Cebu City
Business hours:Β 11:00 am – 1:00 am

UPDATE: They closed πŸ™

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