Bigby’s in Megamall

Pescado Al Fresco

In my last nigh at Manila I had dinner with my best friend and my younger brother. We ate in Bigby’s in Megamall. I wanted to eat there because I’ve been wanting to eat their Pescado al Fresco since I last ate it about a year ago. Now I get to eat it again. I love how it had thinly sliced potato strips and then it has that nice taste that makes you wanna keep eating more of it until it’s done.

We also ordered a platter which I believe was enough to feed three people. Thankfully no one really was interested with the Onion Rings so I had it all to myself . ^_^

Platter Meal

The disappointing part of Bigby’s in Megamall though was the service wasn’t too good. I remember it took time before we could order and also the rice that came with the Pescado came later. The drinks also came after the food. (The drinks must ALWAYS be before the food or the customer could choke on their food)

Nevertheless I will still go back to eat the Pescado even if it’s worth 200+php but they really need to improve in service.

Bigby’s Pescado Al Fresco

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