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blueberry yogurt

Blueberry Froyo

There was a time I went froyo crazy. Froyo (frozen yogurt) stalls started popping all around Cebu like mushrooms! After having tried and tasted almost all froyos in Cebu I concluded that White Hat had to be my favorite in over-all because of their unique combination and Creamee d-Lite for price wise as it was the cheapest.

Those were my thoughts back then that was until Sir Bryan invited me to check out Blueberry Frozen Yogurt which is located in front of USPF in Lahug. At first I was hesitant considering that Froyos are indeed expensive and I was rather broke that time. But it so happened that one hot afternoon after a delightful lunch with my cousin Julz, I decided to drop by the froyo stall.

Blueberry Froyo Menu

Blueberry Froyo Menu

I was cheerfully greeted by Ate Francine who was on duty that time. What was even more delightful was the menu board showing all the affordable prices. I have to say they priced it all just right! Now the price may be good but I didn’t know just how well the prices coincided with the quality.

Taste and quality

Small Froyo

Small plain froyo with sweet mango and b&w chocolate chips




Before I write down the details of their froyo I have to say that their smallest size of plain froyo is NOT small which is obviously a good thing. I also love how they were not hesitant when adding toppings. There was a generous amount of toppings on my froyo. The picture above does not justify just how much toppings I had (okay I nom nomed before I took a shot, hihihi) My first order was a small cup of plain froyo (again, it was a generous amount!) and then I had two toppings: chocolate chips and sweet mango. Now I’m very critical when it comes to SWEET mango. When I ask for sweet mango I demand sweet mango. I’m glad to say they offered, indeed, sweet mango.

Froyo designs

I love the colorful glass stickers

What about the plain froyo? It’s GOOD froyo. If you’re one who enjoys authentic sourness of the frozen yogurt then this is the place for you.

plain froyo with Almond flakes and nuts

Plain froyo with Almond flakes and nuts

The second serving was on the house. Apparently ate Francine was left with instructions to give me a free serving of froyo. Now normally I try to avoid free food (unless if it’s a food event, or restaurant launching) but she was all too nice and she did recommend trying their nutty toppings so I agreed for a second serving (yes I paid for the first cup, she didn’t know I was a guest during the first round).


Froyo stall

Toppings galore

Ate Francine was right! I do recommend the nutty toppings, especially the Almond flakes!!! Yum! They also have syrup but I avoided it because I wanted my froyo sour. I also recommend it with Mango because the separate flavors of the sweet mango and sour froyo made a delightful blend.


I regret not being able to try this because they only serve this at night (6pm down) and I’m required to go home before the sun sets. (yes cuz I’ll turn into an Ogre when the sun sets) But seriously, if you’re a Froyo fanatic this place is highly recommended as I believe this is the only FROYO stall in Cebu to serve Blueberry Yogurt.


Yes, they give free froyo if it’s your birthday that day 😀 Do drop by during your birthday.


I love it! Although I still love White hat for their unique combinations and cute names, I love Blueberry for their large servings, generous toppings, and affordable prices. I have yet to try the Blueberry, but till then my review isn’t complete. Here’s an initial score: 8/10 (based on my opinion and preference).



Froyo stall

The heat hits the inside, maybe they could add curtains

Great staff! Add a tip box for the staff and also, during the hot afternoon, the heat from outside enters and affects the inside of the stall. It gets REALLY hot. I dunno if it will hurt the interior design or what but I suggest adding them Roman curtains just to shade the stall during the hot afternoons. Other than that, the place is clean (yes I love how it’s clean cuz I’m OC). Great job! 🙂

Blueberry Logo

Blueberry Froyo Logo


Opening: 11:30am
Closing 12:00am
location: Lahug, in front of USPF


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