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Bo's Coffee Design

Back when I was still in school, I spent an awful lot of time in coffee shops. I’d go from one coffee shop to another trying to observe their varieties of treats and at the same time, their interior design. Though I’m not much of an interior designer myself (heck I can’t interior design for beans), I guess it’s in my blood to appreciate these designs because my mother does a lot of interior

design (but only on the side).

One of the coffee shops I used to frequent was Bo’s Coffee in Raintree Mall. One of the reasons being it was near school, another reason was because it was spacious and usually almost empty (on my favorite hours). I just love the color of brown washing all over the place and it gave me a sense of comfort and order.

For those who know me, I know I know, my type of Coffee shops are usually those that aren’t mainstream like Cofifi Cafe and the back then open Cakewalkers.

The prices of their drinks are not that bad though not cheap at all, but I still do love their Caramel Frap. I love the over-all feel of the place and it was rather fortunate that they renovated and expanded their shop last year thus I took pictures of their interior.The coffee shop interior design is beautiful with its obvious use of lines and curves instead of putting too many decorations. The simple design attracts people like me who don’t really want too many frills.

I miss going back to Bo’s Coffee in Raintree Mall. It was there that I used to spend a lot of time just thinking, introspecting, or even just blogging. Now I spend time in other places because I’m short in cash T__T and time. Maybe someday I’ll drop by Bo’s just to grab my favorite Caramel drink. Sigh, someday.

Interesting fact: the founder and owner of Bo’s Coffee is from my Alma Mater and he’s proudly Cebuanno. yey for Bo’s!

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