Butterbean: Cebu’s Make Your Own Ice Cream

Make your own ice cream

Cebu’s First Make-your-own Ice Cream!

While driving home I saw a brightly lit place with immaculate white interiors and sharp red highlights and accents. It drew my curiosity as it this particular place stood out in the long stretch of Escario on the way to Ayala. I was quick to dismiss it as any other desserts cafe as it suggested in its name: “Butterbean: desserts and Cafe”.

This cafe was quick to be on my “hmmm another one of those” list but when I have been hearing it on the radio over and over again, you can’t help but say “Fine, I’m gonna try this.” But really the biggest selling point was the DIY Ice cream or “Make your own Ice Cream” which allowed foodies to come up with their own concoctions based on the available ingredients. I’ve seen those DIY or make-your-own Ice cream shops out there where you get to select ice cream flavours, dips and toppings but it is my first time to finally see it in Cebu.

The Interior

desserts cafe interior

Bright white interiors of Butterbean Cafe

Even before I came to know about the food and anything else I have to say it was the whole interior design, cute catchy logo, and delightful mix of immaculate white and loud red that just got me. As I settled in for the first time you could feel the whole “new shop” feeling and I just love new shops! The owner is busy going through the staff and other things in the shop and I can see already a few people, I presume newcomers as well, who have found themselves a seat or two.

desserts cafe interior

Butterbean Cashier Counter

The set up for this Cafè is like any other so do not expect this to be a restaurant (although they serve other dishes apart from drinks and desserts). You have to proceed to their counter which also had a delightful display of sweet treats.

Make Your Own Ice Cream

make your own ice cream guide

Here’s the basic guide to making your own ice cream

Okay I’m gonna skip this article into the Ice cream portion as this is what I believe is what most people are really interested with. They have this huge poster that you can take a glimpse on to learn their four (4) easy steps to make your “Butterbean Original Ice Cream Bar” Creation.

  1. Choose your Bar (Vanilla, strawberry, Chocolate, and green tea!!!)
  2. Choose your coating (they have White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate, but I heard they now have strawberry as well)

    Dark chocolate coating

    Butterbean Dark Chocolate Coating

  3. Sprinkle Your toppings (three toppings only)

    ice cream toppings

    Your choice of toppings for your ice cream, choose only 3!

  4. Finally Choose your drizzle, which is basically from the coating choices drizzled on top of the final product
Butterbean ice cream

Voila! A Butterbean Original Ice Cream Creation!

They’ve Got Meals and Drinks too

Beef Sandwich

Beef Bahn Mi Sandwich served in a really cool Butterbean Board

It took me a long time to finish writing about this place because i wanted to find out more about what else they have to offer. I had their strawberry shake, nothing spectacular, but their Beef Bahn Mi Sandwich was quite enjoyable.  I’ve also tried their classic Lasagna and their Salads. I tell you their salad is worth it! Even my little sister who is not too fond of vegetables quite liked it.

Strawberry Shake

Strawberry Shake! Not really anything spectacular but not bad either

Butterbean pasta

They serve pasta too!

The Verdict

I really enjoyed my experiences in the place. It has been four times that I’ve paid a visit to the shop and tried out a variety of their goods. Even then the choices are still so many and I have barely been able to try out a fraction of all their selections. I’m still looking forward to trying out their other special desserts apart from their DIY ice cream. The price isn’t too bad for the desserts, quite comparable to most desserts and cafès here in Cebu. However if you’re looking at their food, they are not exactly cheap as their prices can level up to those restaurants in malls.

The food was great and the overall dining experience was wonderful albeit a few lapses in the service process although I really see the new crew giving it their all.

Will I be back? Yes! I can’t get enough of their seemingly endless variety of desserts. There’s still so much to try!

Oh and there’s no Service charge, so please do tip the staff should you eat there. They were warm and accommodating.

Address: Along Escario, beside Kuya J’s. Near Golden Peak
Operating Hours: Sunday to Thursday : 11:00AM to 10:30PM
Friday and Saturday : 11:00AM to 11:30PM

Check out their Facebook Page: Butterbean Desserts and Cafè

They have a small parking area, about good for 5-6 cars

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    • @Tony It is! And sad to say Magnum Cafe is closing down 🙁
      I think they have dark choco but not sure if it’s Belgian

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