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Cakewalker’s Cafe is a nice and cozy coffee shop. Here in Cebu we can a variety of Coffee shops for students to study at. This is especially because we have a lot of students in the medical field so they prefer to study somewhere away from their comfort zone.

One of their frozen drinks worth 135php

As a blogger I’ve been going around, looking for the perfect coffee shop to fit my needs. What are my needs? I need a electrical outlet, a comfortable chair and table, nice cool ambiance, silent area, nice staff, free WiFi, affordable drinks and most importantly, convenient location.

Nice comfortable chairs with a cozy Ambiance

Cake Walkers Cafe at the Strip here in Cebu (just beside Bo’s coffee Capitol, in front of CDU), fits all of these. Although I’m not really a big fan of their frozen shake drinks (which are almost as expensive but not as good as the ones in UCC Cafe Ayala Terraces) But the tea is just absolutely wonderful. Although it is not near good as the Chinese tea that I enjoy, but it has its own beautiful taste.

My work place next to the Cafe Counter with Cake selections

The cakes are priced around 75+ and above. They’re not concerned at how long you stay, they just want you to enjoy your experience in the place. And even if you don’t have an outlet they go an extra mile by providing you with an extension wire. I know this is indeed my new blogging temple.

Green Tea and Mint for 60php

I tried two of their tea available and I’ve grown fond of the Lemon Tea. The Mint Tea is also okay but I still prefer the Lemon Tea which slide smoothly in my mouth and then makes drinking a delightful experience.

I highly recommend this Lemon Twist Tea for the same price of 60php

My brother who happens to be a coffee lover and in his first year of Medicine in CIM, enjoys studying there as the coffee is very affordable as compared to other branded coffee shops.

The second floor of the cafe

The Cafe also has a second floor and can actually accommodate at least 30 people (this including the first floor).

Over all I’d give this a generous 8/10 rating. (It should have been 9 if not for the expensive but not so delicious frozen drinks)

Looks can be deceiving, I don’t recommend this



Cakewalkers is no longer open

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