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I.T. park in Lahug is known for its many call centers and was actually once a place where I used to play with my kite and ride around with my tricylce. Now it is filled with joggers, lovers, and call center agents enjoying the beautiful place.

Quite a comfortable table for 4

It is also known for its several affordable restaurants there and amongst these is the famous Casa Verde I.T. Park Branch originally in Ramos.

Casa Verde is quite popular among Koreans which I believe is because of their affordable dishes and a very nice ambiance. The interior of Casa Verde IT park has a touch of American culture in it which reminds me a lot of TGIF (minus the heavy price).

a huge meal of beef and prawns for 200+php

With 600+php you can have a full heavy meal for two with bottomless drinks. Since the place has lots of wifi you may try leeching off from other stores (since the last time I was there I did not get any wifi signal though).

one of my favorites: the Potato skin

I accompanied a friend as we ordered one meal each and we were actually expecting only a small serving but we were quite surprised by the large serving. Now that is what I call a man’s meal.

For chicken lovers you are in for a treat with their chicken with white sauce for only 200+php

The meals served are actually served with buttered vegetables on the side. Before I used to dislike the service of Casa Verde because it usually takes them 20 to 30 minutes to serve food. (but that was in ramos) Now I’m actually satisfied with their speed of service.

Cute Ceiling Design

We also had bottomless drinks as they serve two kinds of Iced Tea, but you can always opt for the pitcher serving of lemonade.

All in all I’d give this place an 8.5 over 10 for their consistency of their service and food quality. (but lacking in wow factor, it seems a lot like TGIF, they need some originality) I like Casa Verde and if you’re dropping in Cebu I’d willingly suggest it to any food lover.

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