Chocolate Mango Mousse by Red Ribbon

Chocolate Mango Mousse

Red Ribbon Chocolate Mango Mousse

One day I was just about to go home from school when suddenly I received a bright right red box tied with a bright RED RIBBON. Dear Red Ribbon Bakeshop. You know how to make me happy. πŸ˜›

Just in time for the holidays, Red Ribbon releases their Premium cake: the Red Ribbon Chocolate Mango Mousse.

Have you been thinking of getting a family friend or a group of friends a gift but you just don’t know what to get? Are you about to go to a Christmas party but then you don’t know what to bring? For 700php you can get yourself a Christmas cake that comes only this time of the year.

Chocolate Mango Mousse

Red Ribbon Chocolate Mango Mousse

The Chocolate Mango mousse has to undergo a review of course. So after everyone went to bed I sneaked into the kitchen for a little sweet treat. The presentation of the cake is really really good. The curves and symphony of colors just make me want to stare at the cake and not destroy its unique design.

However that cake has to go from Point A to Point B (which is my stomach). Let’s not talk about Point C. So I took a slice and you can see the mango bits in the actual cake are actually smaller than the one in the product shots.

The Good

I love how the nice round mango on top of the cake is RIPE, yep, it makes a delicious combination with the chocolate mousse and moist chocolate pound cake. The design is also very nice so it’s pretty cool if you bring it into a Christmas party, it’s sure to catch the attention of the crowd. Usually too much mousse gives me a headache, but the balance of the three combinations creates a series of complementing flavours.

The Not so Good

I was expecting the mango mousse to be more noticeable in taste. Though I can taste just a teensy bit of mango in the mango mousse it was still not enough to be noticed immediately. (My achi who took a bite did notice a different taste from the usual white mousse) The cake can’t withstand high temperatures or even room temperatures. Make sure Cake shall be displayed then served immediately or it will melt or gather moisture on the cake.


It’s pricey at 700php but I have to say this is indeed a premium cake and a creation like I’ve never seen before. You will get a new sweet treat experience with this cake and it does fit in nicely with the cool holidays.

Thank you Achi Meyan and Red Ribbon for this awesome cake πŸ˜€ Merry Christmas to everyone!

Me at the kitchen having some “midnight” indulgence

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