Coffee Bean Tea Leaf (CBTL) in Ayala Terraces

CBTL logo

The Coffee Bean exterior

One fine Thursday I needed to go to Ayala to have my mobile internet service checked for my Globe Tattoo Cebu connection. (Yes I’m playing with keywords here so don’t mind the location specific nouns :P) Fortunately Maldeetuhramblings and soloflightED were present in the vicinity (in Coffee Bean Tea leaf in Ayala Terraces) and so I decided disturbed their peace to make space for myself. (muhahahaha)

Cafe Interior

Audrey with just working on stuff

I joined them in Coffee Bean Tea leaf in Ayala Terraces where they were already settled down. Lots of thanks to Audrey for lending me her card to use the internet. They also had a free outlet for you to plug in when your battery is going down.

Coffee Bean Tea Leaf in Ayala Terraces is a great place for those meetings, barkadas hang outs and just simple meet ups.

CBTL Ice Blended

One Ice Blended Drink for Johnn

Though their drinks (IMHO) are quite pricey and would actually almost level up with the prices of Starbucks. I like their cups though, cute design but I can’t feel the wow factor in it. What I would like to suggest is their salad which I was able to try out in my first time in CBTL which was in IT park.

Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Cafe Interior

Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Ayala Interior

If you’re considering this place for studying then I would suggest otherwise. The population density of the area (again with the terms I derive from my Ecology class) creates a higher volume of sound as compared to smaller coffee shops. In short, it gets pretty loud there.

Maybe for a quick catching up with friends and chika moments with other people then this place is nice. Conveniently located in malls, this place is quite good.

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