Coffee Cat in Cebu: A Review

Coffee Cat in Cebu

Coffee Cat Logo

Yesterday I heard a couple of bloggers plurk about Coffee Cat Cebu.

I found this to be a really cute name. 😀 Coffee Cat Cebu, sounds like copycat :p

I decided to drag along my friends from school to try out this new place. This way I can see a variety of their stuff in one sitting. Thank you Hazel, Nine, and Pierre for accompanying me!

Coffee Cat in Cebu

Taking a walk to Coffee Cat in JP Morgan bldg.

Coffee Cat Cebu is actually a new branch of the popular coffee shop in Davao. The place is rather out of the way for most public vehicles but is a nice short walk away from The Walk in IT park. You can find it in the JP Morgan Building in eBloc 1.

Coffee Cat in Cebu

Pierre’s Yogo with mango, chocolate and oreo bits for 120php

Pierre ordered a Yogo with three toppings. He got this all for 120php. The toppings consisted of your choice of dry toppings, liquid toppings, and fruit toppings. Pierre gave it an 8/10. Though it is indeed pricey it is rather affordable for a Yogurt with its level. Will definitely recommend this for people who are into the whole Yogurt craze 😀

Then the ladies wanted some avalanche drink which a friend of mine (Rabsin) suggested. The Avalanche drink is basically an Ice Blend drink similar to the Frap or Frocino in the other coffee shops. Priced at around 120php-145php it’s around the price category similar to Bo’s Coffee or even Starbucks. Both Hazel and Nine found the drinks to be really good. As Nine said, “It’s not too sweet and you can really taste the chocolate chips!” This is definitely not your ordinary coffee with sugar drinks.

Coffee Cat in Cebu

Hazel with her Avalanche Ice Blend worth 135php

Coffee Cat in Cebu

Nine really enjoying herself

Of course I don’t think I will just let them have all the nomnom fun, I decided to get myself a drink too. Whenever I go for a coffee shop I always go for their Ice Blended drinks but I was particularly curious about the unique selection they had which was the Cremosa sodas. These are actually sodas with a fruit flavor at the bottom with cream on top. (hmmm, why does this remind me of McDo’s coke float…)

I’d give it an 7/10. Although it’s good, but not good enough to justify the price.

Coffee Cat in Cebu

80php for a Strawberry Cremosa Soda

I do like how they have the names printed on stickers made to stick on the cup instead of using the cheap quick pen on the go 😛

Coffee Cat in Cebu

Cremosa for “JHON” lol

Usually I write my reviews of coffee shops a few days after the experience but I guess seeing as how my next schedule is still 4pm I guess I wanted to make the review now. So here I am sitting on one of these cool minimalistic chairs typing away my review as I drink from my second order: the Freshly Brewed Tea.

I ordered the Lemon-Ginger tea because I enjoy the Lemon taste but I guess I should’ve paid more attention to the “ginger” as it came out to be quite spicy >_< The tea is for 75php, quite competitive in price as compared to the likes of other coffee shops.

Coffee Cat in Cebu

Lemon Ginger Tea for only 75php

And now for the conclusion:


The first thing you will notice about the place is the awesome minimalist design. I think everyone commented about the furnitures and the very simple feel that it gives out. The drinks are reasonable and I love how they have a variety of choices to choose from. So the next time anyone comes back you can keep choosing new things apart from what you’ve already tried.

The Yogurt is definitely what most of the people are after in this place. Yogurt is great (as according to my friend) and the Avalanche is awesome. Cremosa to satisfy your curiosity but I don’t think I wanna have a another one a second time around. Tea is great for those nice times you just want sit down and enjoy a book.

I like the place as it’s secluded and away from the busy City but not too far from public transport. They have an outlet where you can connect your Laptop BUT the Wi-fi connection gets irritating as it keeps getting disconnected and you have to go their homepage before you’re ready to surf again.

The service is hanging at around 4/10 or 5/10. When I went to the counter again to order something there wasn’t an attending staff to immediately see me. The wifi password took some time to be given. I think the staff lacks training, maybe it’s because this place is still new. I’ll probably check this out again next time. I don’t see any problem with the serving time though. Everything was served just on time 🙂

I don’t recommend this place for working on your online works especially if you need a consistent connection. But this place would be great for those weekend escapades when you just want to relax and read a book or have a chat with your friends.

So is the Photoblogger coming back?

Lemme just save up a little more *ahem* and then I’m definitely coming back. 😀 There’s still so much to check out here. I just hope that when I come back the internet is stable and the staff will be more welcoming 🙂

Hope you guys could check out this place and share your thoughts here 🙂

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