Coffee Dream in Parkmall

Coffee Dream logo

Coffee Dream in Parkmall

I’ve heard about Coffee Dream in Kia Motors where there are cars sold but I didn’t expect that I would be able to try this branch. I was dragged brought here by Eric, Ed,Audrey and Doi right after coming down from Cantipla farms.

Coffee Dreamhad a nice cafe interior design and I found it particularly cute that the place had clouds to indicate, well, dreams. What was even nicer was that the clouds lighted up when it got darker.

Coffee Dream Cafe Counter

Cafe Counter in Coffee Dream

The place had a nice clean white feel. Because of the white aura that the place gave it out it made you feel really… fresh 😛 yeah, that’s it. Fresh 😛

Cafe interior

Cute clouds just above the customers

Coffee Dream Cafe interior

It’s literally cloudy in there while you study

But if you talk about lighting this shop saved because instead of having those dim yellow lights they relied on the outdoor lighting to reflect on the white color to make the place really bright.

Innovative design + cute concept= win

I heard their frozen drinks are good so I ordered one. I ordered the strawberry flavored one but I was rather disappointed. I dunno why but I didn’t really like my drink. (note that I love strawberry) I guess I can’t judge their drinks to be all that bad. Maybe sometime I’ll try their other drinks and see if it’s not all that bad.

The staff were really friendly so it felt nice to be around there. The prices are not that bad and the servings are enough to satisfy your thirst or even just your curiosity with their drinks.

Strawberry drink

My strawberry drink

And of course we can’t just leave the place without taking advantage of their outdoor set up for us to take pictures. 😛

Photoblogger, soloflighted, doispeaks, maldeetuhramblings, and byahilo

Photoblogger, soloflighted, doispeaks, maldeetuhramblings, and byahilo

Soloflighted, Doispeaks, Maldeetuhramblings, Photoblogger and Byahilo

My strawberry drink

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