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Cofifi Cafe

Cofifi Cafe Exterior

One Thursday afternoon I decided that I need to go to a place free of distractions. This means no school, no family, no TV, no customers, and no noise. I needed to focus on working on my program for our Bio General Meeting.

Anyway, Cofifi Cafe, great place! I love it! The Cafe is secluded though not hard to go to, it’s near the road with a good distance from it too to avoid noise from the cars.

The cafe is just in the arcade beside STC and right beside Calda Pizza.

So why do I love Cofifi Cafe? Three words: cheap, comfortable, and cool!


Cofifi Cafe

Caramel Ice Blend worth 85php

I love how the drinks are very affordable. I’ve been to quite a few coffee shops around Cebu such as Ucc Coffee, Cakewalkers Cafe and many others. The prices of their coolers, iced coffee and stuff will range from 120-150. Guess how much the Tall drink here is? 85php!! The grande is for 90php! 😀 More reason to love this place.

I ordered the caramel drink and it’s not bad at all. Not too sweet and not that bad at all.


There are lot of chairs inside. They have foamed chairs, hard chairs, pillowed chairs, and even high chairs for those who don’t want to fall asleep. They also have chairs and sofas set up outside if you’re not the indoor type of person. The place is rather cool and if you find it too cold you can go face the glass wall where there’s an ample amount of sunlight to warm you up.



Cofifi Cafe

My working area that time. I know it’s messy 😛

When working in coffee shops I like to make sure the place has this ambiance that just puts me on the zone. This place has that ambiance. You can choose to sit in the dark corner to zone in, or you can also choose to sit near the well lighted area.

You can choose to sit on the soft chairs and slouch or sit on the high chairs so you won’t feel sleepy. (I was sitting on one while working)


Great place, great service, great prices.

If it helps it even has a pizza place just beside it. Great place for barkada meet ups.

I particularly like how the staff didn’t have the “I-want-you-to-get-out-as-soon-as-you-are-done-with-your-drink” aura. You pretty much have that in Coffee shops that don’t provide free outlets and those staff that give you the “oh-boy-it’s-a-wifi/aircon-leecher” look. In fact, they have service and comfort that make you feel at home in the place. It’s a lot like UCC Coffee:Cafe Terraces minus the high prices.

I do hope to interview the owner or the interior designer of the place as it had a very very interesting design.

Cafe interior Design

Coffee Shop interior Design

This just might be my usual work place for the next few times 😀 I love it and I’m definitely coming back 🙂

More Cafe Interior designs (I love the ambiance):

Cafe interior Design

Coffee Shop interior Design: With Bar chairs set up. You can drink away your sorrows with coffee :p


I tried their Iced Latte and Breakfast meal. Totally worth spending 😛 I like how they provide sweeteners made for Diabetic people! PAL sweetener FTW! All the more reason for me to love this place.

Cofifi Cafe Breakfast

Big breakfast for the big Boy! 90php, not bad compared to other Cafes

And while I was there during my nth visit (I’ve been visiting the Cafe a lot), I took more pictures of the interior design.

Cafe interior Design

Coffee Shop interior Design: Notice the cute Laundry clips with photos? Awesome idea 😀

Cafe interior Design

Coffee Shop interior Design: Picture-free Picture Frame, unorthodox yet creatively resourceful 😀

Update No. 2

Ms. Fifi herself mentioned that the awesome resourceful and liberal interior design is by Bernadette Uy. I also checked the receipt and it says that Tiffany Rosito Ong Yiu owns this cool place.

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