Dinner at the Ranch then Coffee at Cafe Firenzo

Group picture after all the mind games and dinner

First of all I have to say BIG BIG Thank you to San Miguel Brewery for this wonderful fellowship dinner with the other bloggers who participated in the Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2011. It was indeed a wonderful and worthwhile way to officially start my first night in the DFAT 2011.

Feast all you can

My first dinner for the DFAT 2011 was in The Ranch where we had a very delicious buffet. When it comes to sushi I normally avoid Tuna because of the weird after taste that sticks in my mouth. However the Tuna that I ate in “The Ranch” buffet was exceptional. It was very fresh and taste was pleasant with no weird aftertaste. Did I mention that the ranch also offered a variety of food such as grilled meat and such?

Group Picture!!

Bonding with the Bloggers

Dinner was delicious but I guess what would make me smile when thinking about my first night for the DFAT 2011 was a good part of the night was spent on playing Mind games. Ate Ria and Kuya Orman were really hilarious when they did the Black magic, and then Robbie did the Johnny johnny… and I did the Chinese math. Ate Leah’s expression was just priceless!


Coffee in Cafe Firenzo


Then we headed over to Cafe Firenzo to have some coffee (San Miguel Brewery, thanks for this too! You guys are awesome!) It was there that the camwhoric beahviour of Bloggers started to show. The photoshoot was basically led by the creative dork who hogged all angles and every pixel of the image claiming it to be his domain. Robbie, you camwhore, and boy was I to find out later that he was THE MOST camwhoric blogger I’ve ever met. Yes, he has more photos in my camera than I have of myself EVEN IF I BOUGHT A TRIPOD AND REMOTE. Tsk tsk, I dunno how you do it Robbie.

Cafe Firenzo Cake

Being a photoblogger I believe I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.


Me with Dementia

Robbie with the Tiara the Traveller

Don and Fitz

Mica and Koya :p

Robbie and Tiara again

Karen on a solo shot

Ate Brendel and Ate Ria

Gensan Bloggers with the SMB Ambassador (ambassador gyud? :P)

Ahia Edxel and Achi Ria

Group Picture!





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