East West Cafe IT PARK

East West Cafe Mango Sushi Roll

The Famous Mango Sushi Crepe 😀

Cebu has many awesome dessert places that’s why I find many people asking for suggestions for where to hangout and taste great creations. For many years a humble and homy dessert cafe has been around even before IT Park came to be. This home to creativity is East West Cafe.

First of all I would like to point out that my family has been to this Cafe since I was in grade school and mind you that’s a long time ago. Now I’m spend money on my own for food and I found myself coming to this Cafe a couple of times. Last January we had the grand opportunity to meet up with the Travel Bloggers in this awesome Cafe. Up above you can see the Mango Sushi Crepe of which this Cafe is known for. I’ve had it a couple of times and it beats any mango crepe any time.

East West Cafe

Mango Crabstick Salad for the healthy eaters

Aside from their delicious choice of desserts they also have some “real real food” which you can order before heading over to the sweet stuff. We had the Mango Crabstick Salad to start our dinner right. As simple salad with the right choice of pasta with chunks of mango to sweeten the whole thing; I found it just right for my taste.

East West Cafe

Mix Dish of Chicken, White Pasta, and Rice

Then we had a nice full meal composed of White Pasta, Rice, and Chicken. I love this thing considering that it comes with making up your own concoction of mixed dish where you can choose pork instead of chicken or red sauce instead of white. Nice full meal to fill up your main course.

And so now on to some more desserts 🙂

East West Cafe

Banana Hazlenut Crepe 😀

If you have had enough of the Mango Sushi Crepe then try the awesome choice of Banana Hazlenut Crepe or the Banana and Salted Caramel Crepe. The first one is something for those who are really into the sweet sweet stuff. I found it a bit too sweet for me but I love the combination of hazlenut with the crepe and banana. The Salted Caramel was something I enjoyed. Sometimes I prefer to separate sweet and salty flavors but the Salted caramel crepe was quite enjoyable after all.

East West Cafe

Banana and Salted Caramel Crepe

Now we’re down to the last sample we had that night: the Red Velvet Crepe.

East West Cafe

Red Velvet Crepe, SUPER RECOMMENDED (sorry for the not so nice photo T__T it started melting lah.

I have to say this one was my new favorite in the bunch. If not for my time constraint I would have created a post just dedicated to this particular dessert (just like what I did with the Death by Chocolate ). Anyway to put it as simply as possible, the harmony of the cheese inside the velvet crepe melting away with the Vanilla ice cream is just.. just… *OHHhhhhh….* Yeah, like that.

I definitely will order this again among all the stuff we tried that night. Aside from it being visually appealing for me (I love red and gold!) it really hit the right spot in my taste buds. The picture does not do justice to the real deal. I love it and I wish I can eat it again some day.


I have to say that East West is a nice cozy place for family or barkadas to hang out and just catch up. They have a nice relaxing interior which is not the usual bright and white designs we usually see nowadays. Prices are not bad at all and they also serve some coffee based drinks.

If you’re not here at night it can serve as a comfortable place to read a book, get some creativity work done and whatnots.

You can call the estalishment through this landline number: +63 032 4158058 or message them at Facebook: east, west or DM at Twitter: @cebueastwest
They’re open from Mon – Sat: 11:00 am – 2:00 am and Sun: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm.
DISCLAIMER: We ate there for free so big thanks to Hendri Go! All stuff I wrote here are from my own opinion and we’re not paid to write this stuff. The pictures you see are not the actual serving. The actual serving is actually bigger than these.


And of course that night would not have been complete if not for the inexcusable camwhore session. Keep scrolling for these they-who-must-not-be-named:

Bakit may kasama kayong bata sa right? 0__o

Christian what are you looking at!? Eyes at the camera boy :p

Ayun na naman Christian, Camera sabi

Finally, good boy Christian, oh diba masaya na sila lahat

Edcel, parang gutom ka pa. Kain ka muna bago sumali sa wacky photo 😛




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