Frozen Yogurt in Ayala!

Froyo in Ayala

And here are my crazy classmates who dragged me to Ayala for this

I guess the Yogurt Craze wasn’t stuck in White Hat in SM Cebu. Ayala has their own line of frozen yogurts in Creamee D Lite.

Froyo in Ayala

Creamee D Lite in Ayala

This was probably why classmates wanted to drag me all the way to Ayala just to try out this Frozen Yogurt. Frozen Yogurt or Froyo as what other people would call it, is now the healthier option as compared to eating your Ice cream or even the sweeter Gelato (twice the sugar of American ice Cream)

Now that everyone’s sooooo health conscious (what with all those marathons, runs and stuff) so the stores decided to blend in with their “needs”. And *poof* the froyo appeared like mushrooms all over different places in Cebu. And since I am also (somewhat) in the quest to search for the best Froyo in Cebu I decided to open up my choices.

So what exactly am I looking for in Yogurts?

Well I once tasted Yogurt in Golden Spoon and I was like, “woah this is really good! It tastes just like Ice Cream!”. But then I was reprimanded by a friend telling me that it makes it lose the whole purpose of it being a frozen yogurt cuz it doesn’t even taste like yogurt anymore. So there, I base my judgement on the case of the Yogurty taste of the Froyo.

Creamee D Lite Logo

Creamee D Lite Logo

Creamee D Lite Logo

Creamee D Lite Frozen yogurt

I have to say I was quite impressed with the Creamee D Lite Frozen yogurt. They priced it at 80php (or was that 85php) and it wasn’t bad at all. The whole set came with a choice of two toppings and one syrup. The serving was quite big too so I guess I wasn’t really dissatisfied either Great Froyo in one serving 😀 I had a second go when a friend of mine treated me for some Froyo in Ayala.

Creamee D Lite

And the classmates who dragged me again

Creamee D Lite Logo

Creamee D Lite Frozen yogurt

Verdict? Well I like it! But if you ask me if it’s better than White or Yogo Boy, well between Yogo Boy and this I’d say this but then again let’s be fair to Yogo Boy I’ve only tried it once and without toppings.

But against White Hat? well both fought the good fight, I’d go for White Hat because of the ready made choices but I love the large portions in Creamee D Lite. It’s a good thing the two are in different malls. And there you go, till the next Froyo challenge 😛

(I heard there’s also Froyo in Pancake house Ayala, uh-oh)

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