Hukad at Ayala Terraces Cebu

Kinilaw na Isda

One Friday of Lent my bestfriend and I ate in Hukad Ayala Terraces. Since it is a friday of lent then I had to order non-meat food. I started it out with a delicious bowl of Kinilaw na Isda.

Hukad Ayala Terraces never ceases to amaze me with their delicious taste of Pinoy food. My bestfriend preferred some chicken meal so he ordered the Chicken Pandan.

Chicken Pandan (I didn’t eat this, Bryan did)

My experience in Hukad Ayala Terraces would not be complete without the: Sizzling Gambas. My ultimate favorite.

Sizzling Gambas (my fave)

Then a nice dish of Calamares would also add nicely to the meal for two.


I’d rate my Hukad experience at a whopping 9/10 because of the beautiful ambiance, great service, beautifully themed place, wonderful food presentation, and value for money. We spent around 600+ for the whole meal along with drinks and bottomless rice. I would definitely go back there to try again their Sizzling Gambas and hopefully some meat dishes like the most sought after: Crispy Pata.

Cute Ceiling Lamps

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