La Buona Forchetta da Paolo

Achi getting ready for some serious nomnom

Back when I was young (well I’m still young you know *wink*) okay, back when I was youngER, the family used to go to this small authentic Italian restaurant in Jones. Back then it was the only Authentic Italian restaurant in Cebu that we knew of.

Fast forward to today and now we once again visited this Italian restaurant called La Buona Forchetta. (Google translate says it means “good fork”)

This now much bigger restaurant is rather hidden and can be found in the end point of Acacia Street which you can get in by turning right from Escario Street. Popular Landmark is the Autolab. Address is Advent Business Cente 139 Acacia St., Kamputhaw Cebu City. Telephone nos. 231-3398|231-3399.

I love this restaurant because of how private it is. If you plan to have a romantic date I will rate la Buona Forchetta as one of the most romantic restaurants in Cebu to take your date to. I will warn you though, it’s also the most expensive Italian restaurant I know of in Cebu.

Focaccia con Sotacetti



We had our starter dish: the focaccia served with sotacetti. Till this day it’s in this restaurant that I love the focaccia the best. I also love their sotacetti which no other restaurant has ever done better than this. This is one of my favorite childhood nomnom memories.



The Sotacetti comes with three mixed pickled vegetables (sotacetti in italian for pickled vegetables). They were the white mushrooms, eggplant and tomatoes bathed with Olive oil and some kind of vinegar (which to this very day I don’t know what it is).

Together the Sotacetti and focaccia is priced at 200php. (it used to be 150php 🙁 why price increase ah?)

Tomato soup

Tomato Soup

Shobe had the tomato soup. I’ll be frank, I love tomato soup but their tomato soup was not really anything special. It’s just tomato soup. But if you’re really into tomato soup then you might as well give it a try.


Paolo Pasini (the owner) has this motto about Italian cuisine: Authentic Italian restaurant is NOT fast food”. I think he means that the pizza he has here is indeed not the usual pizza you get to eat in fast food pizzerias.

We ordered three kinds of pizzas. The first one was the Pizza Diavola. The spicy pizza consisted of cheese, tomato sauce and the spicy meat topped over the pizza. Despite it being spicy I still couldn’t help but add Tobasco to increase the hotness (daring am I now?) Actually it’s not as spicy as I expected the pizza to be which is why I added the hot sauce.

Pizza Diavola

Pizza Diavola

The second pizza was the Pizza Hawaian. Nothing special about this pizza. Think of it as a thin crust pizza with the usual hawaian toppings: pineapple, ham and cheese. We ordered it anyway because it is shobe’s favorite.

Pizza Hawaian

Hawaian pizza

The last pizza was the Pizza Capricciosa which composed of green and black olives with button mushrooms and some meat. I liked this pizza the best. I find pizzas with more vegetables more visually appealing at the same time more appetizing. (I’m not a vegetarian)

Pizza Capricciosa

Pizza Capricciosa

One pizza we didn’t order but I personally liked was the four cheese pizza or Quattro formaggi. It consisted of four types of cheese in one pizza. This is one extremely cheesy pizza.

The biggest downside with their pizzas is their price. Each pizza is priced at 450php. 0_0


I know the pizza is damn expensive but if I had a reason to go back to la Buona Forchetta it would be because of their pasta. The pasta is also at 450php each. 0_0 but it’s so damn delicious. This is one thing I always look forward to in La Buonna Forchetta.

Gnocchi Salsiccia

Gnocchi Salsiccia

This first pasta is the Gnocchi Salsiccia. Gnocchi is delicious and I love the soft feel of potato with tomato sauce in my mouth. They also serve this with paremsan cheese on the side.



And the last pasta, my favorite of all the dishes here: the Quadrifogli. This spinach pasta served with some cheese is best eaten with freshly made focaccia.


This restaurant is still my favorite Italian restaurant and I’ve been eating here since I was a small kid and it’s those rare Sunday moments that the family just suddenly decide to eat there. I know the prices are high and yes I agree it is very expensive (Oh before I forget, there’s 10% service charge) but if you’re after a nice romantic or private meal, the la Buona Forchetta offers that exclusive feel.

If you’re not really into pizza I don’t recommend their pizzas as you might be disappointed considering their prices. I would however, recommend their pastas such as the Gnocchi and Quadrifogli.

Shobe full and happy

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