Lachi’s: Davao’s Hidden Culinary Jewel

Lachi's Davao

Lachi’s: one of my favorite stops in the Food Appreciation Tour 2011

One of my favorite and most unforgettable stops in the Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2011 was the Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp. My title for Lachi’s is befitting to it’s delicious array of food selections. It truly is a hidden jewel in Davao.

I’ve been hearing about this restaurant from my best friend Batang Yagit who often tells me about the delicious pork ribs which he says has no competition in any restaurant he has ever tried. He also kept telling me about the prices are just too good to be true. The thing is, the prices shown were real and the quality of the food was not compromised AT ALL.

I dubbed this the hidden jewel of Davao because many people don’t really know about this place unless they know Davao well or they’ve heard of it from a true Dabawenyo. At last thanks to DFAT 2011 and Lachis twins: Mike and Melvin Aviles, I finally get to try this wonderful restaurant and bakeshop. I’ll warn you about this place. Once you try it YOU’LL WANT TO GO BACK!!

Lachi's Davao

Oriental Crispy Chicken

Above is the oriental crispy chicken fried to a golden goodness with each bite giving a nice salty flavor running down your tongue. Then you can also see the UNFORGETTABLE RIBS. I kid you not, the name truly speaks for itself. I normally am not a big fan of ribs and I’ve mentioned this in my post in Ranchero but Lachi’s unforgettable ribs can surely make an exception.

Lachi's Davao


I’m usually a chicken or fish person but the Oriental Pork surprise gave me quite a surprise indeed as its delightful mixture of salty and sour made me take another dive at this delicious bowl of flavors.

Lachi's Davao

The Oriental Pork Surprise (Da bomb!)

The next picture is a shot of the Pork Marinara. This was the only pasta served but I can see why it was recommended by Ate Aileen. The pasta was just great. It had an equal distribution of ingredients giving it a delightful result in the end.

Lachi's Davao

Ate Aileen’s Favorite: Pork Marinara

The Bangus belly wasn’t really my type though it tasted good when paired with the cucumber on the side. I don’t recommend this for people who are trying to avoid fatty content because the Bangus belly was mostly fat (as what I suppose a lot of people like).

Lachi's Davao

Bangus Belly

They also served a dish that was not in the menu: the Chili con carne. It was also delicious and I don’t know if you can order it specially if you request for it but I do recommend it if it gets added in the menu.

Lachi's Davao

Chili Con Carne

And of course who can forget the delicious desserts specially created by the Aviles twin brothers themselves. I super duper recommend the sour cream cheesecake. I was in ultimate foodgasm.

Lachi's Davao

Sans Rival

Lachi's Davao

Durian Flavored Sans Rival

Lachi's Davao

Assorted Cakes

Lachi's Davao

Assorted Cream cakes

Disclaimer: I forgot to adjust the White balance as I was no longer reviewing my pics so the pics do come out Red. Not they’re actual color.

Address: VAL Building, Ruby Street, Marfori Heights, Davao City
Contact Numbers: +6382-2245552 and +63916-9841183

Facebook Page: LINK
Foursquare: LINK




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