Legazpi Sunday Market


Dimsum Steam Boxes

During the summer I was able to go to the Legazpi Sunday Market in Legazpi Village in Makati. Along with me was the Pinoy Lakwatsero and Kuya Erik, both of them were from around Makati.

The Legazpi Sunday Market showcases a large variety of products from food down to clothes and other objects for sale. I was there basically because I wanted to try the food that I don’t usually find back home.

From what I experienced here’s what I would like to suggest to those who want to try new stuff in the market:

1. Go early, probably around 9 am. I think they close at 12.

2.Bring a recyclable shopping bag to store your goodies when you shop.

3.If you’re just after the food then it helps to bring around 200-300 php to be able to try most of the food. They’re quite affordable so don’t worry.

4. Before buying anything, walk around to check out what kind of food they’re setting up around the place so you can choose how to break down your alloted budget.

5.Buy and eat!! 🙂


Special Rice

We bought this kind of special rice mixed with herbs and oh-so-yummy olives! The rice was good and I’m guessing they had some kind of special vinegar that increased my appetite after taking a few bites.

Legazpi Sunday Market

Legazpi Sunday Market

Vegetable Stalls

Vegetable Stalls

The Vegetable stalls were abundant in the market too. Fresh organic vegetables were lined up in several tables and stalls in the market. This would be a nice place to shop for your vegetables as it is less crowded as compared to your other public market.

Once can’t resist the delicious smell coming out from these Dimsum steamers. Several of these topped each other and was just waiting for people who were hungry for some dimsum. (People like me!)


CHK Dimsum

We definitely had to stop by here and purchase some Hakaw (shrimp dumpling). Hakaw is getting more and more difficult to find in Cebu (I don’t want to just depend on fast food Hakaw). It was a treat for me to finally try some traditional style dimsum. I love Chinese cuisine!

Sunday market

Sunday Market Variety

Before heading back we checked around the market and we noticed there were a lot of people bringing their pets and also the place was packed with different cultures apart from the usual Chinese, Korean, and American culture we commonly see in the Philippines.



This food deserved a little highlight as the name is familiar because of that Pixar Film: Ratatouille. I bought this small piece of meat and cheese for 50php. Worth a try after all.


If you’re after a nice Sunday afternoon to try something new then the Legazpi Sunday market would be a good place to start your day. It’s only open in the mornings so you better wake up early and get their fast.

I love the food and the prices are not so bad. The people around are really friendly. The people brought around their dogs and pets. There were also a lot of families group around the place so the market gave me this really “Sunday-ish” feeling.

I highly recommend visiting this place if you do get to be around Makati one Sunday morning.

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