Lito’s Way: A Bulker’s Burger


Lito’s Way Burger

It’s not just a burger. I know this because I’m not really a burger expert and yet I knew this one was different.

We were invited to try Lito’s Way Burger at Irie Gastropubliko and I have to say I was initially skeptical since my heart was already set with the Angus burgers and other gourmet burgers that I have tried. Being the curious type I did go anyway to see exactly what Lito’s way burger was.

It’s definitely a burger.
Upon seeing the burger, it became quite clear that the burger was no pretentious meal and it was served with no frills. It’s got a generous siding of fries, and a shot of their special hot sauce. To keep the contents from spilling, the burger came with a knife pierced into its core.



The Lito’s Way burger in front, and the umami burger at the back. This place is gushing with burgers!

The first Bite

I’m not gonna lie, at first it wasn’t a sudden rush of flavours and sensations. It was very simple and clear. This is a burger, it had the meaty goodness one would look for in a GOOD burger. This is what it is: the classical burger done right. If you’re a meat lover complaining about how burgers are just filled with fillers and other stuff that take away the essence of what burgers are all about then Lito’s Way will not disappoint. Given that the meat is in total 1/3 pounder instead of a usual quarter pounder. This thing will satisfy your meaty cravings. Oh and want to talk about quality? All Angus beef, no compromise there.

Who is Lito and what is his Way?
Lito Inso was a very healthy guy who liked his protein for his bulking and that meant he loved his burger with lots of meat. He wanted his burger with no pretense and other things that take away the focus of the meaty goodness. He wanted it meaty, messy, and he wanted it enjoyed in a personal way as possible. And true enough that was how we experienced it.

A full double-stacked, 1/3 angus beef patty 80/20 mix burger made for our delight and nourishment.

Ara Inso, the inspiration of Lito, who is the inspiration of the burger

Ara Inso, the inspiration of Lito, who is the inspiration of the burger

Would I get one again?
Lito’s way burger does not come cheap. Please do not compare this with your usual fast food burgers or budget burgers (heck it’s quality is above those). You will not get a burger with some usual ground up pork or beef meat you get from the supermarket, you get the real deal of Angus beef.  I’m no burger expert but I don’t need to be one to tell you I damn well enjoyed the burger experience. To sum it all up, it’s a burger with no frills (no extra marinades or seasoning, just salt and pepper) and fills you up good.

So yeah, looking forward to a solo burger adventure here soon. (Hey, a man’s gotta enjoy his meal in solitude sometimes)

Where to get one?

So now you want to answer to your burger craving? No time like a good time during food time in Irie Gastropubliko located at the ground floor of Skyrise 4 building in IT Park. Full address below:

G/F Skyrise 4 Building
W Geonzon St

Cebu City, 6000 Cebu

Give them a call: (032) 4109933
Or reach them through facebook: Irie Gastropubliko

To the strong man who was, is, and will always be an inspiration to many. Pray for us up there Kuya!

Dear Ahia Lito,

I know we never met. And I guess I regret never having had the opportunity. Me and Ate Ara talk about you. She’s been a wonderful big sis to me and I’m sure she was extremely lucky to have you. She keeps gushing about it when she has the chance! She keeps telling me about how I should have met you and we could really talk about stuff like photography. Sad to say I don’t have that opportunity anymore. However I’m thankful to share one thing with you and that’s the experience of how you like your burgers. Maybe someday when I catch up there I’ll be able to share a burger with you finally.

Thanks for always watching out for Ate Ara always and thanks for sharing this awesome way of eating burgers. Stay awesome!


‘lil bro Johnn

This post is in memory of Lito Chiu Inso

He lived, he inspired, and he fought till his last breath. We learned to be strong as you were strong. May we live by your example

A photoblogger in his twenties, Johnn’s advocacy is to share photos to the world. He loves freediving, birding, reading, eating, travelling and meeting new people. He is usually game for anything new and interesting. You can follow him on Twitter: @Photoblogger

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