Mang Inasal with the Nyoks

Mang Inasal Meal

This is a continuation to my summer weekend in Manila. Maki, Mica, Kuya Erik, Ahia Rell, Billycoy and some random Photoblogger. We ordered the Mang Inasal chicken meal with the Rice wrapped in a Banana Leaf. The chicken is actually not bad (and not pricy). Paired with the eat all you can rice, I was ready to kiss my diet goodbye.

The meal starts out with a hot sour soup to spark up our appetite. Then we devoured our chickens as if we’ve never eaten anything for the past three weeks. (okay so maybe I’ve beein in a diet for far too long). Maki suggested the chicken Oil which we add to the rice. I repeat, CHICKEN O.I.L. as in Over-Ingestion of Lipids. Oh well, it only happens once in a long time diba?

Thanks again to the Patay Gutom Nyok-nyok gang for the wonderful dinner night.

The karaoke session deserves a separate post.

(In my entire duration of stay in Manila, this was the only time I uesd my Tripod *phail*)

Nyok Nyok at Mang Inasal

Group picture with the Nyoks

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