Manna Sutukil in Mactan

Fresh fish selection, really big Lapu lapu fishes

I made a previous post about Sutukil in Mactan Cebu and as promised I am now going to give my review about Manna Sutukil.


An aquarium to store some fishes, truly fresh for serving

We were actually together with mom’s friend: Tita Ara Ramiro and her family. One thing I like about Manna Sutukil is that they actually had an air conditioned room. (but no need for such during the night because of the cool sea breeze)

Live Lobsters

The choices were nice because they had all kinds of fish you could choose from. They even had lobsters and a giant clam. We then went for the usual shrimps, scallops, parrot fish and Lapu lapu.

Manna Sutukil Logo

To get to the place one just needs to enter the sutukil area and got to the corner to the right. You will see a Marlin logo and of course the sign that says Manna Sutukil.

The place

The restaurant interior had a very Pinoy look, nothing fancy but not too simple either.

Then we have the large selection of food to choose from. Not all Sutukil restaurants are the same. I feel that this certain Sutukil restaurant is a tad bit more expensive than the others. We actually saw some frustrated foreigners talking to the store keeper.

Apart from the fishes, you also have a selection of shells

This time we didn’t order the Giant Clam anymore. We found it quite expensive and not really satisfying.

The plates were actually more stylish than No Problem Sutukil. The plates were flat baskets topped with a banana leaf to add to the Pinoy ambiance of the place.

Finally the food was served and I guess I did enjoy it a lot since the kids were not really as hungry as I was.

Baked Scallops

fried shrimp with sweet sauce

Fried Shrimp

Grilled Bangus

Clam soup

Personally I enjoyed the food because I wasn’t paying for it. (Thank you Lord for a dad) Dad paid for it and was actually shocked with the price. For the quality of food (which was not super good but just okay) it was quite expensive.

I would give this a 7 out of 10 because of the price. The good points would be the air conditioned room, not too crowded, and wide variety of choices even at night.

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