Mc Donald’s McSavers Gamble

Breakfast comes with free newspaper

Breakfast comes with free newspaper

One morning when I had no classes I decided I wanted a “healthy” breakfast. Since I had only 100 php with me, I decided I would want to buy two sets of McSavers since each costs 50php which came with drinks.

Mc Savers Chicken Fillet

Mc Savers Chicken Fillet

Now here’s what I can tell you about their meal. It’s a gamble. Yep, you gamble in the sense you pay 50 php but you either get a good deal out of that 50 php or you don’t. Sometimes when I buy Chicken fillet I get a good sized one. But sometimes I don’t.

But eating in McDo itself has its advantages. On days when I’m all alone I just sit down and slowly enjoy my meal. It’s also fun to observe people come and go. (yep, I’m a stalker) I enjoy looking at different people from all walks of life.

Being in McDo fastfood you can see those who wear them fancy branded clothes, students with large books and scattered papers for notes, street children who use their gathered change for a simple meal, noisy children screaming for a McDo Happy meal and many more.

McDo Meals

McDo Meals

But I have to say what I liked about my breakfast during that time was the free Cebu Daily News Paper that comes with the breakfast. But personally I actually prefer Sunstar.

So going back to the food, how can you get the bigger fillet? Well, you can increase your chances by stretching your neck a little to see the sequence of chicken fillets served and keep an eye on the big one. Then you locate yourself in the line with a bigger possibility of getting the big one…. OR

You can simply ask the lady for a bigger piece. 😛

About the Photos:

Another set of photos taken from my Samsung E590. The vibrant colors are due to the Picasa Photo editor. I just added more color by adding light then adding a little shadow.

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