McDonalds Fillet-O-Fish Value Meal


In the first few days of the start of class I was finally able to come back to my favorite hang out place within a 500meter radius from the school.

McDo Jones has become a favorite of mine especially when I indulge in my favorite treat which is attainable by my humble and meager allowance: the McDonald’s McSavers meal. The best thing about dining in McDo is the free shower-your-food-all-you-can gravy readily available for gravy-crazed customers like me.

But instead of my usual McSavers meal which costs around 50php, I decided to go for the Fillet-o-Fish Value meal. I know this was rather daring for my wallet but I knew I had to shell out 150+php of my cash for an important reason.

Yep, 150+php. This is because I purchased the latest collectibles released by McDonalds. TheMcDonalds Coca Cola Glass! The McDo glass caught my attention in the commercials with their nice lush colors and their really cool shape. I’ll do another post showing my prized collection. But you might start to think that I’m an endorser of McDo as I’m starting to have a lot of posts related to McDo. Well, I just like McDo and there’s no stopping me from trying whatever new stuff they have.

I have to admit the Fillet-o-Fish is not readily available in McDo Jones. They usually cook it up when someone orders. I have to wait for another 6 minutes but it’s totally worth the wait. I like my Fillet-o-Fish nice and warm.

I like the McDo Jones environment, there’s just something about it that feels homey. I do hope to try something else there. I think I saw something new in their menu.

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