Mooon Cafe at Ayala Terraces

Mexican Food

Mexican Feast in Mooon Cafe

When it comes to delicious food, great ambiance, affordable prices and wifi, Mooon Cafe Ayala Terraces tops my favorites list.

Some may call it a bias but the fact that almost everyone I know who comes to Cebu look forward to Mooon Cafe. So what makes their food so good? And why do I keep going back to spend my week’s savings (hey a student doesn’t have much :P) on a single meal?

When I said their food is affordable I meant that it ranges from 100+ to 200+ per meal. You could easily have a full meal with 500-600php and this is already good for two.

Gambas ala Luna

Gambas ala Luna

The Gambas ala Luna is wonderful! Smothered with butter and garlic, it’s a rather simple dish that goes great with rice. It’s also good as a beer food. (They also serve nice cold Beer Towers in Mooon Cafe)

Baby back ribs

Baby back ribs

For those who are ribs lovers out there, the Ribs in Mooon, although not really the best in town, is quite good for its price. You don’t have to empty your wallet just to get good ribs around here.

Chicken Mozzarella melt

Chicken Mozzarella melt

Here’s my personal preference: the Chicken Mozzarella melt. The chicken is first fried and then added with mozzarella cheese and tomato bits. You can’t go wrong with this.



The quesadillas come in two orders: they can be Quesadillas uno without the meat and comes in one half serving as the one above. Or you can get it in a whole piece with meat in it as the Quesadillas Vera cruz. This is by far my favorite appetizer and is a MUST TRY. I know Tito Jeh jeh would love to try this again next time he comes back to Cebu.

Mooon Cafe Ayala

Relaxing just outside Mooon Cafe ayala Terraces

For those who are not really hungry there’s a nice comfortable area just outside the restaurant with a nice view of the Terraces. You can order yourself one of their fruit drinks or even their unique sun coolers.


Among the restaurants in Cebu, Mooon Cafe is one of the most popular. In most peak nights it’s very difficult to get a table there as they’re almost always full.

I’d give them a 9 out of 10 for their food, ambiance, presentation, and service. (They got a minus 1 because their wifi sometimes goes crazy and their serving quantities are getting smaller than when I first tried them)

Overall I love the restaurant and I’ve always recommended this to anyone who would like to try new food in Cebu.

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