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I once did a post about Sutukil in Mactan Cebu. Now I’m going to share a little experience in “No Problem” Sutukil.

achi feeling the sea air

The sutukil restaurant was named as such because they once had tranny waiters/waitress (or somewhere in between) who would answer to you in the common phrase: “no problem!”

You ask for water they answer ‘No Problem!’. You ask for extra spoon or fork they answer ‘No Problem!’. You ask for the bill they will answer ‘No Problem!’. And that is pretty much why the place is “No Problem!”

However, things have changed now. The waiters/waitress no longer say ‘no problem’. And just recently my family ate there and there seemed to be lesser quantity in the food that was served

achi helping dad choose

than what we personally selected in their fresh fish selection. Although we cannot have concrete proof that we were cheated but I’m just gonna warn you to be mindful of what you ordered.

No Problem Sutukil is quite “deep” inside the line of restaurants so you’ll hae to go even further in the place to find it.

We ordered some scallops, Lapu Lapu fish, Molmol (Parrot fish), shrimps, and a Giant Clam (I’m still not even sure if it was legal to eat such.)

The food is actually pretty good. You can definitely taste the freshness of the fish you eat but the problem was the price was also as very fresh. It’s quite sad that they are overpricing their food so that it discourages a good number of locals to eat in there.

achi and shobe

There is now a bit of problem in the recent time we ate there. The last time we ate there I had a high satisfaction rating for the place that I wanted to go back and blog about it. Now I had quit a bad experience with the place.

The eating experience isn’t as good anymore as there are some begging kids beside the restaurant. (it makes you feel guilty when you’ve got something to eat and they don’t.) We also felt cheated as the Calamares (fried squid) being served was fewer in quantity than what we ordered.

I checked in Istorya.net/forums and some people agreed that the same Sutukil restaurant

mom achi and shobe

actually served less than what we purchased. The forumers shared that it is possible they cook their stock rather than cook what you chose.. I suspected it once I tried the calamares because it was thinner, drier and blander than the calamares in other places. We couldn’t argue with them because we didn’t have proof.

But enough about the bad stuff, here are some recommended food:

  • Lapu-lapu fish- as the name suggest it is a Cebu special. You might want to request it to be cooked using steaming methods to fully appreciate the tenderness of the meat.
  • Molmol (Parrot fish)- I love this served with tomatoes and onions inside it, asked for it to be grilled. You can also asked it to be in ‘kilaw’ form. great for appetizers
  • Baked scallops – although no longer as fresh as I tried before maybe I had a bad timing, just try it out anyway, you might like it
  • Crab- if you love crustaceans then this is for you, there are several ways to prepare this. You just select what you want although I’ve always preferred steamed
  • Shrimp- before I tried it with sweet sauce but now I know I definitely want it with Garlic and butter

dad and mom in pink

Those are just few of my choices. Do leave a comment if you want to know more.

The Area

The area

The Food:


baked scallops with shells

lapu lapu soup

Crab with sweet sauce

Giant Clam Kinilaw style

Shrimp with Garlic and butter

Parrot fish kinilaw

And that’s your No Problem Sutukil


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3 thoughts on “‘No Problem’ Sutukil Mactan Cebu

  1. We went there today, after eating we were shocked about the bill,lapulapu fish they charge 850pesos per kilo, other store is only at 480 pesos, and every food they cook, they have service charges, sometimes charge same amount the food we order, dont want to go back this store anymore.

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