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One of the few things I did on my birthday was check out Red Mango in Ayala. After having tried many different Froyos in Cebu I thought the growing number of froyo shops have stopped.

Boy was I wrong when I heard Red Mango in Cebu was finally going to open. Red Mango happened to be one of the popular brands of Froyo in Manila such as White Hat, Golden spoon to name a few.

red mango prices

Red Mango Prices

The Red Mango in Cebu is located on the topmost floor of Ayala just near the Time Zone area near the cinemas. They close around 10 pm so it’s nice to stay there while waiting for friends to come out from a movie or a nice stop to chat around while nomnoming on desserts.

They have a wide selection of toppings and they happen to have green tea yogurt too. The prices weren’t cheap at all but they weren’t that bad either. Something you can spend for every once in awhile.

Along with me t0 try the place was Doi, Karlson, Enad, Riz, Bonnie and Joey. We each had a small plain Froyo with two toppings. This way we got to try different combinations. Personally, when it comes to toppings I have a difficult time choosing.

Here’s mine: Plain froyo with Mango and Chocolate.

Red Mango Froyo

My red mango froyo

The rest of the guys had a wide selection of froyo toppings from Kiwi to cheesecake. I found it really cool to see different toppings and all that froyo. But boy did it cost mom and dad. (thank God for mom and dad or else I would’ve sold my kidneys to pay for that time.)

Group Froyo Shot :D

Group Froyo Shot 😀

Red Mango Froyo

Group shot of the Froyos.

All I can say is that never have I seen so many froyos in one tray.


The location is good in the sense that it’s near the cinemas in case a barkada would like to get some froyo before going for a movie but bad since it’s really far up there.

The interior design is really nice, one can have a party if you want because the place is quite big like a restaurant.

Red Mango interior design

red mango’s spacious interior

Red Mango Interior design

the interior design is minimalistic in feature

I guess the place would be really nice for those who plan to have a large group or barkada hang out right after dinner. You can head over to the top most floor of Ayala and check out this cool place.

I also noticed that their logo looks a lot like Opera Mini’s logo. (or is it just me)

I liked their place but for some reason I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the froyo. Though the froyo had that characteristic froyo taste I still end up with the question, how is this different from other froyo shops around? White hat has their awesome and cute combinations for those who don’t want to choose and the combinations are really well made.

I guess this will serve as a challenge to Red Mango for their froyo category. Then again they do have other options apart from just froyo. You can try their waffles, hot drinks and teas.

My personal verdict is: 3/5 in total score.

I do recommend getting plain froyo + cheesecake + blueberry (Karlson’s choice)

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