Siam in Cebu Ayala Terraces

Siam Thai Cuisine Cebu

Siam Thai Cuisine in Ayala Terraces Cebu

It’s been quite awhile since I spent some time with my best friend. Riz and I just came from Badminton session and that meant one thing. We…were…HUNGRY!

Ayala Terraces has a good number of restaurants and one of them offers Thai Cuisine in Cebu.

Quite popular in Cebu and more known as Krua Thai, Siam in Ayala Terraces offers one of the best, and I’m not just saying it, the BEST Thai Cuisine in Cebu.

Siam Thai Cuisine Cebu

Siam Restaurant Nice Clean Interior, adds appeal to the place 🙂

They have ingredients coming from Thailand (yes those spices are from outside) and taste which caters to the desired flavors of Pinoys. Sometimes you can even request to meet the chef himself who happens to be a chef all the way from Thailand. Siam Thai Cuisine is serious about authenticity of the dishes.

Siam Thai Cuisine Cebu

Riz purposely posed beside the flower. 😛

Siam Thai Cuisine Cebu

riz took a shot of me while I was ordering




Now normally I don’t like to eat in fine looking restaurants only because my wallet says “NO!” But Siam did it’s best to shock me with their affordable meals. (okay not really the budget meals but considering the quality of the food you’d be shocked with the bill.)

Take note that I spent around 650 php for a meal good for two. Now for the meal that was served:










Siam Thai Cuisine Cebu

Phad Thai Noodles, serving good for 2-3 people

The Phad Thai is always what I look for in any Thai Cuisine Restaurant. The Phad thai here has other options but this one is the traditional Phad thai. The Phad thai here is a melody of flavours ranging from Salty to sweet. Definitely a great way to start a meal.

Siam Thai Cuisine Cebu

Fried Rice with Fish, definitely a treat for Salty-food lovers

If you’re into the salty types of rice then this one is a great choice, however there are also other choices such as Bagoong rice and a favorite of mine: Pineapple rice.

Siam Thai Cuisine Cebu

Chicken with Lemongrass

Chicken served with curry and lemongrass. Not the usual kind of curry you can find on the market. If you want something new then this is one of the things I will definitely recommend. Plus points too for the nice kind of chicken meat chosen: nice tender meat yet not bony to the bite 😛 (I don’t feel cheated with my money)

Siam Thai Cuisine Cebu

Thai Spring Rolls

The Thai Spring Rolls are really really good. It’s not the usual Spring rolls with the ground meat and mixed veggies that are barely visible. When you take a bite from these spring rolls you can feel the vegetables spring inside your mouth. (drama na pagkaon noh? 😛 )

Overall the food was WONDERFUL! I’m giving it a 9/10 experience because the food made us full, the service was great, and the place is awesome! I even left a tip to show much I appreciated the place. The best thing is that there were so many selections so you can come back and order a whole new set of menu to try. Though admittedly some of the food were oily (aren’t all fried foods oily :P) most of them are really healthy.

I’ll definitely go back. Can’t wait till our next nomnom here 🙂

Special thanks to da best friend for the rare opportunity to include me in the pictures.

Siam Thai Cuisine Cebu

riz sipping her Vanilla Shake

Siam Thai Cuisine Cebu

Hungry me!

Siam Thai Cuisine Cebu

Nomnom me!

Siam Thai Cuisine Cebu

Vampire’s Drink?

Siam Thai Cuisine Cebu

One more shot!



Yep, that’s a lot of pictures of us :p I’m proud to say the woman knows how to handle the camera :p

Siam Thai Cuisine Cebu

Riz finishing off with a glass of water

Siam Thai Cuisine Cebu

Last pic with riz before we go (photobomb: guy at the back)


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