Sutukil in Mactan Cebu

Cebu Sutukil is one of Mactan’s delicious treats found in the island of mactan in the city of Lapu lapu.

Cebu Sutukil stands for Sugba, Tuwa, and Kilaw. Sugba which means to Grill, Tuwa which means to make into Tinola or soup, and Kilaw which means to make Kinilaw or raw style serving of the fish, are just the main ways of cooking the delicious fresh seafood found in the rich marine resources in Mactan.

The Sutukil is not actually just one restaurant but several restaurants found in one area. Talk about competition. To get to Cebu Sutukil in Mactan you need to just go to Mactan Shrine then beside the shrine entrance is a parking lot and a narrow entrance.

When you enter the Sutukil area you will be greeted with several people who will try to drag you to their Sutukil Restaurant. This is the part where I advice you to try to bring a friend who can accompany you and advice you on which Restaurant to go. I was able to do two restaurant reviews in Sutukil:

1. Manna Sutukil
“No Problem” Sutukil

Then again there are several other sutukil restaurant available there.

If you are a foreigner I regretfully will warn you that there are some who will try to trick you with the pricinings of the fish there. After all, the food here in Cebu is supposedly comparably cheaper than food outside. That is why you should at least bring a friend or a guide to help you choose your food and watch out for overpricing.

Do leave a comment if there is something you want to know more about SUTUKIL in Mactan Cebu.

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