Tsim Sha Tsui in Ayala Terraces

Tsim sha tsui Ayala

Tsim Sha Tsui in Ayala Terraces

Anyone who knows me would also know my undying love for Dimsum. Dad and mom will never forget that my favorite cuisine will ALWAYS be Dimsum. Whether it is fastfood dimsum, expensive dimsum, or just plain home made dimsum. I LOVE DIMSUM!

Finding a good Dimsum restaurant in Cebu is not an easy task. If you’re up for some fast food Chinese then that’s rather easy. However, if you are looking for authentic Chinese cuisine and especially some quality Dimsum then that’s gonna be a challenge. Continue reading

Mooon Cafe at Ayala Terraces

Mexican Food

Mexican Feast in Mooon Cafe

When it comes to delicious food, great ambiance, affordable prices and wifi, Mooon Cafe Ayala Terraces tops my favorites list.

Some may call it a bias but the fact that almost everyone I know who comes to Cebu look forward to Mooon Cafe. So what makes their food so good? And why do I keep going back to spend my week’s savings (hey a student doesn’t have much :P) on a single meal? Continue reading

Sunburst Chicken Skin

Sunburst Chicken Skin

Sunburst Chicken Skin

Who’s up for a little nomnom? Ayala Terraces offers a variety of restaurants in Cebu. One of them is the Sunburst fried Chicken. Sunburst has been a favorite of mine ever since I was a kid.

Who can resist the nice crispy chicken skin served before all the other meals? They serve this along with vinegar and Old English Worcestershire sauce. (Good luck pronouncing that!) Continue reading

Teriyaki Boy Ayala Terraces Review

Kani Chawan

Kani Chawan

One day the family decided to eat in Teriyaki Boy Ayala. We’ve already eaten here a number of times and since my family is a lover of Japanese food we decided to give it a try again.

Teriyaki Boy Ayala used to have good food the first time it opened. Although it wasn’t the perfect Japanese Restaurant it still provided an ‘okay’ quality. So is Teriyaki Boy Ayala not that good anymore? Continue reading

Hukad at Ayala Terraces Cebu

Kinilaw na Isda

One Friday of Lent my bestfriend and I ate in Hukad Ayala Terraces. Since it is a friday of lent then I had to order non-meat food. I started it out with a delicious bowl of Kinilaw na Isda.

Hukad Ayala Terraces never ceases to amaze me with their delicious taste of Pinoy food. My bestfriend preferred some chicken meal so he ordered the Chicken Pandan.

Chicken Pandan (I didn’t eat this, Bryan did)

Continue reading

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