Big Flat Bread in Cebu: Huge Pizza

Big Flat Bread Pizza

That’s one huge pizza. I can curl up on it and sleep on it. It’s literally a Big Flat Bread

I first heard of this place form a friend and it was originally opened in Palawan before it even opened up in Cebu. I guess one thing fascinating about this place to begin with was the fact the name. I mean, it wasn’t your usual pizza place with the “Insert Name/brand” Pizza. Big Flat Bread, that’s what it was. It was a cute way to deal with things and yes, it literally was a BIG-FLAT-BREAD. The place is not too big, a small cozy pizzeria with just enough space to fit about 20 people (if you include the outside tables too). I’ve eaten here at least 3 times before I wrote this piece and I’m comfortable to say the price is Continue reading

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