Blueberry Frozen Yogurt in Lahug

blueberry yogurt

Blueberry Froyo

There was a time I went froyo crazy. Froyo (frozen yogurt) stalls started popping all around Cebu like mushrooms! After having tried and tasted almost all froyos in Cebu I concluded that White Hat had to be my favorite in over-all because of their unique combination and Creamee d-Lite for price wise as it was the cheapest.

Those were my thoughts back then that was until Sir Bryan invited me to check out Blueberry Frozen Yogurt which is located in front of USPF in Lahug. At first I was hesitant considering that Froyos are indeed expensive and I was rather broke that time. But it so happened that one hot afternoon after a delightful lunch with my cousin Julz, I decided to drop by the froyo stall. Continue reading

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