Bo’s Coffee in Raintree Mall

Bo's Coffee Design

Back when I was still in school, I spent an awful lot of time in coffee shops. I’d go from one coffee shop to another trying to observe their varieties of treats and at the same time, their interior design. Though I’m not much of an interior designer myself (heck I can’t interior design for beans), I guess it’s in my blood to appreciate these designs because my mother does a lot of interior
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Coffee Bean Tea Leaf (CBTL) in Ayala Terraces

CBTL logo

The Coffee Bean exterior

One fine Thursday I needed to go to Ayala to have my mobile internet service checked for my Globe Tattoo Cebu connection. (Yes I’m playing with keywords here so don’t mind the location specific nouns :P) Fortunately Maldeetuhramblings and soloflightED were present in the vicinity (in Coffee Bean Tea leaf in Ayala Terraces) and so I decided disturbed their peace to make space for myself. (muhahahaha) Continue reading

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