Cofifi Cafe: Photoblogger’s Taste

Cofifi Cafe

Cofifi Cafe Exterior

One Thursday afternoon I decided that I need to go to a place free of distractions. This means no school, no family, no TV, no customers, and no noise. I needed to focus on working on my program for our Bio General Meeting.

Anyway, Cofifi Cafe, great place! I love it! The Cafe is secluded though not hard to go to, it’s near the road with a good distance from it too to avoid noise from the cars.

The cafe is just in the arcade beside STC and right beside Calda Pizza. Continue reading

Cakewalker’s Cafe at The Strip

Cakewalker’s Cafe Logo

Cakewalker’s Cafe is a nice and cozy coffee shop. Here in Cebu we can a variety of Coffee shops for students to study at. This is especially because we have a lot of students in the medical field so they prefer to study somewhere away from their comfort zone.

One of their frozen drinks worth 135php

Continue reading

UCC Cafe Ayala Terraces Revisited

UCC cafe Logo just outside the shop in Ayala Terraces

I’ve been to Ayala Cebu UCC Cafe Terraces for already four times. For a person who likes to eat, stay in isolated places, four times is quite few.

Sipping from my Creme Brulee drink while working away

The UCC coffee coffee located in Ayala Terraces is quite near to Marriott hotel thus attracting people staying in the hotel. Continue reading

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