Chocolate Mango Mousse by Red Ribbon

Chocolate Mango Mousse

Red Ribbon Chocolate Mango Mousse

One day I was just about to go home from school when suddenly I received a bright right red box tied with a bright RED RIBBON. Dear Red Ribbon Bakeshop. You know how to make me happy. 😛

Just in time for the holidays, Red Ribbon releases their Premium cake: the Red Ribbon Chocolate Mango Mousse. Continue reading

Red Ribbon Chocolate Heaven!!!

Beauty and sweetness merged into one

After staring hopelessly at the TV screen while the commercial went on, I grew restless and hungry for the new Red Ribbon Chocolate Heaven cake.

Chocolate Heaven from Red Ribbon

I love food.

Deep chocolate inside

Red ribbon has always been my traditional favorite. Back then my family bringing home a Red Ribbon black forest cake must have indicated a really special occasion. It could’ve been an honor roll when the grades come out or it could’ve been world peace. Eitherways everyone loves Red ribbon in our family.

Topped with rolls of pure chocolate

It was a delightful feast when we finally tried this new creation by Red Ribbon: the Chocolate Heaven. It’s so sweet it’s enough to give me a sugar rush to heaven. I’ve seen the beauty of Red Ribbon’s S’mores, Black forest, oreo, and white forest and now this. Continue reading

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