The White Hat in Cebu!

White Hat Cebu

The White Hat in SM Cebu

Again with my random visits! What is it with Frozen Yogurt in Cebu? The place is filling up with them. Doc Caloy just informed me about his cousin opening a White Hat Cebu branch in SM City Cebu Northwing. (The right side)

White Hat Cebu

The White Hat Stall at the right side of SM Northwing 2nd floor

It’s actually a small stall but with quite a popularity derived from Manila. My mom told me about this so I was quite excited to try this White Hat Cebu branch because every time she talks about Yogurt she goes saying, “This is not like White Hat frozen yogurt.”

White Hat Cebu

If you can’t choose from the displayed toppings then opt for the Combo offers

And so now we finally have it here in Cebu! Luckily I bumped in Rabsin and Nowi happened to be available. So there we were trying out their new stuff. For 125php you can get an awesome Frozen Yogurt combo. This is great for those who don’t like to choose their toppings. (ughh, too many decisions in life and now I have to decided from the great variety of toppings? o_0)

White Hat Cebu

Your selection of Toppings

First off it was me with my Wizard’s hat. (I’m still not over Sorceror’s apprentice). The nice frozen yogurt was topped with colorful sprinkles and sweet sweet fruit loops! Don’t forget the marshmallows that go great with the yogurt itself. If you’re feeling young and, erm, fruity then this combo is for you!

White Hat Cebu

Wizard’s Hat for 125php only

Second we have the Pinoy Hat. (yep they have it our way) Do you remember when you would crave for those sidewalk vendors’ choconut? Well this yogurt contains your familiar barquillos and the thing from your childhood memories: CHOCONUT! 😀 This was rabsin’s order.

White Hat Cebu

Pinoy’s hat order by

But what about the people who are health nut’s like our beautiful Nutty Nowieh :p (peace nowi! :P) Well they happen to have the Health Nut’s Hat and I have to say it’s literally, well, nutty!

White Hat Cebu

The Health Nut’s Hat order of Nowi


Considering how it’s still new and had its soft opening last Tuesday July 20, this place is getting quite popular. If there’s one thing we all agreed its that the toppings were amazing. Apart from the TRUE YOGURT taste we love how the combos brought about a wonderful mixture of flavors.

125php is worth the small luxury that you will spend for. 98% fat free, and with cool toppings, we just loved it! If you’re on the go and want to eat it at home they have to-go Tub for 210php. Adding toppings is just for 20php.

I’m now starting to get familiar with the taste of frozen Yogurts. This is by far the best I’ve tried and I’m yet to try others.

Oh and if you fill up their loyalty card you can get one Yogurt for free 😀

Does the Photoblogger recommend this?

Of course I do! I’m giving this small new stall an 8/10. Great job White Hat! Wonderful branding (as according to Rabsin) and great toppings (as according to nowi).

White Hat Cebu

Rabsin Swallowing away his treat

White Hat Cebu

Nowi and her nuts 😛 i mean Health nut hat 😀

And of course we have the final shot, after all it’s not called white hat for nothing now, diba?






White Hat Cebu

Wearing their white hats 😀


Special guest appearance of the Extraordinary kiddo and Niknik

White Hat Cebu

Bryan Karl

White Hat Cebu

Niknik dropping by 🙂

Blog’s by fellow nomnomers 😀

Unfortunately White Hat has closed their stall in SM… 🙁

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