UCC Cafe Ayala Terraces Revisited

UCC cafe Logo just outside the shop in Ayala Terraces

I’ve been to Ayala Cebu UCC Cafe Terraces for already four times. For a person who likes to eat, stay in isolated places, four times is quite few.

Sipping from my Creme Brulee drink while working away

The UCC coffee coffee located in Ayala Terraces is quite near to Marriott hotel thus attracting people staying in the hotel.

I personally chose that for my little business meeting because it was secluded, the ambiance was nice for discussion, and I do enjoy their drinks.

Last time I was there I ordered some strawberry drink. Now I decided to try something new so I went for the creme brulee.

A nice cold glass of creme brulee

I just love the cream on top.

Creme brulee just filled my mouth with a nice soft sweetness that was worth every moment of drinking.

They even provided a cute little spoon so I can nomnom on the delicate cream .

One thing I like about UCC Cafe is that it just feels so… homey. I feel comfortable there especially that four corner table set up with the chairs seemingly embracing the person sitting on it.

Pizza toast

Vegetarian Pizza Toa

For a change, instead of just the usual drink I decided to get something to eat. For somewhere 200+ php you can get a generous serving of Pizza Toast and they happen to have my favorite kind of pizza: Vegetarian.

My companion also ordered a pizza toast but his was the Meat Lovers.

The meat lovers Pizza Toast

Meat Lovers

In general I really like the UCC Cafe shop in Ayala Terraces but here’s a little part I didn’t quite particularly enjoy:

  • Wifi connection was fluctuating, UCC personnel blamed it on Globe Tattoo.. Ei Globe, any comments on this?
  • Price is OUCH! I felt like my wallet grew lighter by 90% after eating there.

If you’re after a nice place to do a meeting or probably a breakfast Club then UCC cafe is a nice place.

Empty in the afternoons. Perfect for business meetings

Chinese new year along with Valentines

The Valentines Aura in the Shop

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