Yo-go Boy in Cebu:Banilad Town Center

Yogo boy Cebu Banilad Town Center

Yogo boy in Cebu: Banilad Town Center

One Sunday afternoon my mom was craving for some Yogurt and she was excitedly pointing at the Yogo boy Cebu store that just had its soft opening.

My mom enjoys eating yogurt and I guess with her excitement she decided to bring the whole family along to nomnom in this Yogo boy Cebu yogurts.

The place looks nicely lit. White hot as I would describe it. The place had sign that said “soft-opening”, and oh look, a promo. Yogo boy Cebu offers a buy 3 get 1 promo for barkada nomnomers! 😛 Go check it out before it ends at July 31, 2010.

Yogo boy promo

yogo boy promo

The prices are quite cheap compared to other yogurt shops. I remember Yogo in Coffee Cat Cebu to be more expensive. (Is this the same Yogo in line with Yogo boy?) So five of us got a cup of the frozen yogurt. Here’s a list of the prices:

Yogo boy Cebu Banilad Town Center

Yogo boy prices

Not bad if you compare this with other Frozen Yogurt prices but then again is it gonna be worth it?

Yogo boy Cebu Banilad Town Center

Yogo boy frozen Yogurt

I have to admit that Yogurt hasn’t completely been my kind of food. (I know I know I should be eating healthy food) This is my first time to try something that really tastes like Yogurt. I tasted Golden Spoon Yogurt and I classified this as good but only because it tasted EXACTLY like Ice cream. I remember someone telling me that a Yogurt has to retain its Yogurty (and yes I coined that word :P) taste.

Yogo boy Cebu Banilad Town Center

My ahia with his Frozen Yogurt: Ahia’s first solo appearance in my blog

So did this small Sunday treat fit the Yogurt category? Is it good?

To be honest I don’t think I can easily answer that but I can say it is different from the usual Ice Cream you usually eat. Although dad said “this is just soft ice cream” (which my sister reasons out as it’s because they’re still having a soft-opening, please someone tickle me) I find the yogurt to be okay. Yep. Just okay.

Though personally I still consider it to be pricey (yes I’m Chinese and stingy) but I think it would be worth a try and I saw some people come all the way from other malls just to try this out. If you’re into new stuff then I guess this would be nice to try out.

They do have other options such as parfaits and waffles with frozen yogurt a large variety of droppings, I mean toppings. :p

So go forth and try it out. Who knows, you just might like it 😀

Yogo boy Cebu Banilad Town Center

achi with her Yogo

Yogo boy Cebu Banilad Town Center

Got Yogurt? 😛

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