Yummy Yo! Frozen Yogurt in Cebu

Yummy Yo! Frozen Yogurt

Yummy Yo! Frozen Yogurt in Cebu

What’s new in Cebu? This froyo store is. I’ve spotted at least more than 20 frozen yogurt stalls and shops around Cebu! I’ve tried most of them and you may wonder, what makes this one different?

One weekday afternoon after coming in from a meeting in USC-TC, I was finally able to pay this newest froyo stop a visit. Yummy Yo frozen yogurt recently opened (somewhere last Tuesday) just between Grand Convention and that poker place. I was curious about this place because Ahia James posted a pic of it and JJ Tan also tagged me in it.

Froyo Store Inerior design

Yummy Yo! Clean white Interior

Apparently the Yummy Yo opens at 2pm, so I just came back after the meeting. When I went inside I was really in for a surprise. Ms. Cebu 2009 photographer: Dan Douglas Ong was the one serving. Wow! Hehehe. Now that’s what made the whole froyo experience even more interesting. It’s fun to see a popular photographer in Ko tiam action. (Ko tiam is chinese for watching over the store, a very chinese thing to do as I see most new shop owners do Ko tiam)

Dan Douglas Ong in Yummy Yo!

Photographer Dan Douglas Ong serving Yummy Yo! Froyo


Dan had seemed to be panicking in a hurry to serve all the froyos at once. Luckily I wasn’t in a hurry so I took time just appreciate the clean look of the store. What I love about the froyo selection in Yummy Yo is the strawberry flavored Froyo!!! They actually used real strawberry and thus making this healthy treat really good!

Strawberry Froyo
Yummy Yo Strawberry Froyo, I took a bite before I took a shot πŸ˜›

I bought my small strawberry froyo with mango toppings for 105php. Their small serving is not that bad at all. I have to say that their pricing is almost in level with Coffee Cat’s Yogo though slightly cheaper than White hat’s froyo. The froyo presentation still needs a bit of improvement but then again this is still a soft opening. I can say that this froyo stop is really going somewhere.

Yummy yo Menu

yummy yo Menu and prices

yummy yo menu

Yummy yo menu and toppings

For those who are fans of the Green Tea Froyo, they have that too. The prices are not cheap at all. Slightly more expensive but I guess I can say it is worth it. The strawberry froyo was awesome and I know I’m really going back for more when I can find time.

Here are some combinations of the toppings if you’re not sure of what to put.

Yummy yo mixes

Yummy yo mixes

It’s nice that they also have a loyalty card so you can enjoy some perks and stuff every time you go back for more. Hmm… reminds me of White Hat loyalty card πŸ˜› The place looks a lot like Yogo-boy but the froyo is definitely full of the yogurt taste (not like ordinary soft ice cream taste).

Hopefully in my second visit there will be a lot of improvements and if it’s not too much to ask, toppings to be priced at 10php instead of 15 hehehe, just requesting lang πŸ˜›

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